Still running 11 month on - (inspired by Frocky)

I graduated some day last June. I did most of my runs along the lake starting after a 1 km walk from my house, simply because I do not like the idea of taking the car to go somewhere flat. * The route is slightly uphill for 1 mile, then I turn around and fly down :) Ideal for negative splits - not that I knew what they were when I started.

Today, after picking the worst moment of the day to get out, chilly wind and freezing shower, the temperature dropped to 5˚C from 12˚! I started a short and easy run along the same route - last year I was struggling to finish the 30 minutes, managing about 2.5 k - that is slower than a brisk walk - and feeling wrecked at the end. I am still slow, and wasn't putting any particular effort in today (as apparently one is supposed to taper before a race), but in those 30 minutes I did 3.6 k, and I feel I could go and do it again right now...

All this to say, to all of you that have just started, or are starting again, or thinking about doing it: it is a fantastic program, running makes you feel great, and the slightly insane people on here will support you all the way - you'll do it!

* real flat around here can be found only at the GAA pitch, and on a treadmill....

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  • Great post, Pigivi!

    Slow is a relative term as far as I'm concerned. You're faster than when you started and, for me, that means progress!

    All the very best for the weekend, I look forward to reading your run report :)

    *edited as I messed your name up! I think I've done the same in other posts as well, sorry!!

  • Thank you - I may tweak the playlist for Sunday and add Janet... :)

    I know about my name,, I really wasn't thinking when I chose it(P.G.V are my initials... and if you read it in Italian it sounds exactly as if you were spelling it in English )

  • Ah mystery solved!! I wondered how you pronounced your username. My friends little girl was looking over my shoulder the other day, saw your name and said, "why is that person called Piggy Vi, is she a farmer?" :D

  • ;) that made me laugh ! I am more of a miniholder (as in even smaller than a smallholder ) 4 chickens and a vegetable garden don't thinklthat makes me a farmer :)

  • Nice post Paola.

    I still can't believe how fortunate you are to be able to run where you do.


  • Thanks Dunder, it's a good training ground for mountain running :) Yep, it is wonderful - part of the new "Wild Atlantic Way"

    and if anyone from this forum ever decides for a holiday on the Island next door give me a shout :)

  • Such a great story. You're doing brilliantly. So looking forward to reading your race report. :)

  • Ahh what a difference nine weeks can make and also 52 weeks!! It is such a satisfying thing to be able to go out, without any real effort and run just for the sake of it. Something I never comprehended until I discovered this wonderful programme. Good luck with the race and with all your running.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

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