6 months on the bench


I need some inspiration and motivation to get myself off the bench and back out there running. 

After graduating in November I have been on the bench with a Morton's Neuroma however it is less painful although very much still there. So my question is shall I start back at the very beginning of the course? I am thinking yes specially as I have gained weight. 

To be honest I just need to get out there but I am feeling such self-loathing towards myself I can't muster the energy. So I am prograstinating over where to begin instead of just moving. 



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15 Replies

  • Put on your shoes and get out the door. See how far you get.  Take it from there.

  • Hi! I returned to the forum just yesterday, with a very similar story.  I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease last September, and had a hideous 4 months of chronic fatigue as an added bonus.  Completely devasting, as I'd only recently graduated C25K.

    I thought I would never run again, but yesterday I did W6R2, having started from the very beginning last month. I too had put on weight, and was so stiff and achy that I felt the best thing was to go back to the start so I could approach it sensibly and measure my progress so that mentally I was building confidence, as well as building strength and endurance.

    Only you can decide whether you need to start again from scratch, but for me it's worked really well.  I wish you every success, and look forward to following your progress. 😊

  • Hello again! Just put on your running shoes and go out for a little walk. I bet you won't resist breaking into a run. Take it slowly and take walk breaks. Then come back and post here and tell us how you've done.

  • Oh dear, so sorry  to hear that!  You could re-do the programme or just take yourself off for a jog just to see how it feels ☺  

    Losing the weight you've gained would be a good plan as you need less weight on your feet with your condition.  You'll soon lose it if you can get back to running regularly.  Have you considered lower drop shoes to keep you from running on your toes/forefoot?   I have gone to a 4mm drop and found it helped me with shin splint.  Just a thought ☺

  • Hi 

    I have never heard of lower drop shoes, who makes them and I will investigate as they may be the answer long-term?

    And you are right the extra weight won't help my condition at all. 

  • Hello Helein.  Another #2012Tweep :)  We met with Alex, Matt and Mart on the London Lumiere thing.  What a small world!

    I'm by no means an expert as I'm on week 6 but I think you should do whatever you think is best for you.  You know best how you feel.  I can't believe you're self-loathing, I would pay lots of very good money to look like you rather than like me!  I have 3 stone to lose!

    Very best of luck, whatever you choose to do.


  • Hi Maggie, 

    A small world indeed and thanks for the compliment, much needed currently :-). Congratulations on getting to week 6, it's a great programme. 

    I just went for a quick recce around the park I used to run around and there is a fun fair there this weekend so thinking of walking to Vicky Park for my first run...

    Need to stop finding excuses and Just Do It! 


  • Start with W1R1 and if it goes well move straight to W2R1and so on. Once you reach a point that you are finding it tough going go back one week and follow the program from there. Hopefully despite thw break you will have a residual fitness left. Good luck and best wishes.

  • its like jumping into a pool,dont think about it ,just do it! You know from experience that you will feel better afterwards,the thought is worse than the deed :)

  • The only way to break through is to get out there. Just go for a run and see how far you get and how it feels. You will then know where to pick up the programme.

    Don't think, just do it. Good luck!

  • Thank you lovely fellow runners. I did my first run W1R1 and I feel very pleased with myself. It felt good, no breathlessness so probably could jump a week or two but I think I will just stick to the programme, it works. 

    Foot  a little painful but I will keep an eye on it and check in with my physiotherapist later in the week. 

    Self-loathing has disappeared, funny that! 😀

  • Hi, good to see you getting back. About a month ago I developed ball of foot pain, through I think running uphill up on my toes, too much pressure. but think its a reoccurance of an old problem from years ago through crouching on my job, but had almost forgotten about it till it came back with a vengeance, while resting after that hilly run. It's now improved and can run OK, but there are still times when I can feel discomfort in the middle toes into the front of the ball, but seems intermittent. 

    I haven't gone for any professional help, yet, but keep the foot moving & stretching, and of course running, albeit been avoiding hills for now, and am managing OK. I will be upping the game soon though, as I get back into club runs & Parkrun, so encountering hills, so we will see.. Let us know how you go with it, as seems we have a similar problem with this..😊

  • It does sound very similar. I have had two injections into it to easy the pain and now it feels (on bad days) like I have a small pebble stuck underneath my toes. Anyway it is bearable. I need to find some wide toe trainers I am currently wearing Sketchers which are fine but probably not the best support wise, definitely comfy though. 

  • I like a wider toe box too and find brooks, nike, mizuno and saucony all quite generous. Most running shoe brands do a 4mm offset running shoe.  You could ask your physio about it.  I am running in a very light shoe but it's still got enough cushion as you don't want to feel the road surface under your already painful feet.  I do have a choice of shoes do I can rotate them

  • Great I will speak to her later in the week. Thanks. 

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