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Any advice re upping the tempo??

Hi guys

Today was my first run out after 7 weeks off with tendonitis. I had managed to get to week 9 when I got injured but after seeing the Physio for treatment recovered enough to be thinking about getting back out there. He instructed that I get new trainers then start out with walk for half a mile then run back to see how it felt, repeat this 3 times then think about increasing distance if I was pain free. However he didn't give any specific detail how quickly I should do this. Stupid me should have asked but all I heard was yes you can run!! 

Went out this morning in new trainers and new matching jacket (well you've got to at least try to look the part! 😜) and did ok. No discomfort at all so will repeat on Tuesday and Thursday. Wonders if any of you more experienced runners can advise what I should do after this ?? I have a 10k booked for early July so I need to get a move on ! 

Many thanks 


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Take it easy & don't try doing too much too soon. Slow & steady to start with!

Personally I would try doing wk 7 or 8 and see how you do, then complete wk9.

In terms of the 10k you could download a 10k app or alternatively you could add a bit to one run each week (normally 10% of your weekly distance each time).

Keep posting & let us know how you're getting on. ☺


Don't up the tempo is the answer. Starting back after injury go slower than a slow thing wading through the LaBrea Tar Pits in lead boots. 

Do you three half milers, and if you are still pain free, increase slowly and gradually. In prog terms I would say go back to W5. You can up your mileage later if all goes swimmingly, but too much too soon will just put you back on the IC.

your 10k in July is not set in stone. If you are fit and up to 10k by then, then Happy Happy Joy Joy, but if not there will always be many more races. 


I ran 3 minutes every two days for a few weeks, then if still pain free added another minute.  It was a slow, steady reintroduction to running, and nearly drove me mad but I  stuck with the slow, incremental increases until I was running normally.  I carried on with the physio as I found it so good.

I missed several races but you can't run until you can run pain free, and these things can take time.  

Take care x ☺


Thanks for the advice everyone. Have no ill effects to yesterday's half mile so will repeat it as instructed and if ok will pick up from week 6 I think and see how it goes 😊


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