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Our little running family has been growing

Heathunlocked/NhsC25K will always your home for running. We aim to help everyone through the program and beyond. We are always here to support and guide you through this wonderful journey we call running.

As we get further on with our distances it can get a little technical for some and different advice and support is needed this is why we now are lucky enough to have three running forums and one that's a personal Challenge for increasing squats, push-ups and sit-ups and the like. 

The names of the forums are:-

Bridge to 10km - I run this forum as well

This forum is for those that are going from the 5km to 10km

Marathon Running and Race Support - this is run by own very own @juicyju

Both sites are friendly, supportive and full of advice. The same as this one they are all about helping people to reach their own personal goals whatever they are. 

As with all the forums you can be part of as many as you want as they all bring different things to the table.  

The push yourself forum - this is run by danm  

This is quite a new fledgling forum but is a great motivator at working on Strength and core.

Please feel free to have a look round and join these forums when your ready after graduation.  

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Thankyou for the shout out... Everyone is welcome to join if you are training for a  race ( whatever  and would like some support and Pom Pom waving!! I add everyone's events onto our calendar so you can get support on your big day too...


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