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Know your limits!

....and don't be disappointed. That's what I told myself after abandoning the run keeper bridge to 10 k. At 16 weeks I thought it would be gentler than Laura! But it really isn't. The automaton offers no encouragement and the bald statement of pace at 5 min intervals is exciting to start but quickly drop off. The 6th activity was running four miles. Couldn't do it so ran and walked thinking improvement will come. Supposed to be doing two miles today to be followed by five miles tomorrow then a rest day. The prospect of tomorrow after two miles today was just too awful and I began getting gremlins sitting in bed, never mind out running! I began to think I'm just playing at this, I'm useless, who am I kidding? And then I thought this is rubbish! Do I jacked that in and felt really demoralised. I thought I'll continue with Laura's post 5k podcasts and now I've got the ha g of RK I'll watch improvement on that! And then I'll go for a 10k bridge. Any suggestions?

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Yes, bridge to 10k with sami murphy, available here somewhere in a Dropbox file. Someone was looking for it the other day.  She kicks your ass but in a good way and the music will get you round. It rocks it really does ☺


Thanks for that I'll look it upend give it a go. The music for running is not what I'd listen to in the ordinary run of things so I need help there!


I didn't know many of the tracks in the Sami podcast but I have got to love a lot of them.  They pick you up when you need it!  There are one or two that make me laugh, eg Cheap Trick "Surrender"


She sounds up my street! Puts you in mind of week six It's so wheezy if the annoying Julie! Yep shall defo look into that! Thanks😀


I don't think there's much point in continuing with something if you're becoming demotivated. At some point you'll stop and find it difficult to get back into it and before you know it you won't be running at all. Why go for 10 k at all? I would just continue at 5 k until I felt I WANTED to do more. I'm just increasing my long run once a week and seeing how far I can get. Of course I want to get to 10 k but I don't think I'm ready for a programme again (although I loved it!). It's also a time question, I've got a maximum of 40 mins in the morning. If the programme wants me to run more than about 5 k mid-week I'd be pushed for time. So really I have to get faster and that will come with practice / intervals and the c25k+ podcasts (I hope!). 


Yes you're absolutely right. No point in not enjoying it. At New Year I foolishly agreed to a 10k in September but actually there's no harm in walking some of it anyway. Trouble is if you get bogged down with detail the enjoyment goes doesn't it? Crikey, it's still ages away and if I plug away at what I know o can go next thing you know and I'll be running 10k by accident😂

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