Easter Friday Lunch

Easter Friday Lunch

Easter Friday Lunch. Hahaha, just to make sure I have enough energy for Parkrun tomorrow. At a gathering of friends today, someone mentioned how they saw me one early morning walking by and how they had to slow down to let me pass and how I just veered off to the right and did not see them. Ha!  I was not impressed because I had been RUNNING. Couldn't they tell the difference?

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  • Oooo yummy yummy. These look gorgeous.

    As for that comment, he obviously mistook someone else for you. Of course you were running, you are a runner afterall!  

  • Noooo!! That's harsh. I must have been someone else-  you'd have sped past in the blink of an eye x

  • If they had to slow down to let you pass.. and you were walking by...they must have been going very, very, slowly :) I agree, you went faster than the speed of light...a blur!

    Those lobsters look.............. deeeeeelicious! Yum!

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