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Funky Friday :-)


I've not managed to get out for a run since Wednesday last week, so was determined to go this evening. It's been a horrible day, starting with massive problems with Anxious Teen Rainbow, and ending the same way. But the highlight, by far the best bit of the day, was the 40 mins I was out for my run.

I get in at about 5.40 on Fridays so there was still some light even by the time I was heading out at 6-ish - lovely! And I think Cedric had got complacent with the amount of running I've not done recently, so he forgot to turn up and be all gremlin-y at me! ;) I decided that I would try to do half an hour, but not worry if I couldn't quite manage it. So, week 9 podcast in my ear, off I went.

First five minutes easy. Second five minutes easy. Hang on, what happened to the terrible ten?!? Not complaining though ;) Half-way through and still feeling good. Whoop! Down to the bottom of the village. I may be rubbish at dealing with Daughter's anxiety and OCD, but I was damned if a stupid incline was going to beat me tonight. This run was about escape, about success, about feeling good. Up my nemesis I ran, and only started to feel that it got particularly hard right as it was about to level off. Hah, take that, small incline! :D

Ten minutes to go, round both cul-de-sacs one last time, relaxing into it and striding out slightly/speeding up a bit for the last five minutes.

And done. Just what the doctor ordered (or at least, would have done if I told her I was doing this!).

Sadly the glow wore off somewhere around the point that Daughter dumped her dinner over the table. But hey, it was good while it lasted...!

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And maybe it helped you cope... don't know if you're a huggy kind of person but, if you are: hugs.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to pollyp1

Everyone needs a hug sometimes.. even if they don't realise it :) x

pollyp1Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Indeed. But it's knowing when to push... x

RainbowCGraduate in reply to pollyp1

Hugs always good here! Thank you. :) Running is definitely my escape!

NoviceGraduate in reply to RainbowC

Mine too from a very similar sounding daughter 😊


Oh - bless. Me & Polly - offering hugs (I think everyone is a virtual hug sort of person...) Thank goodness for your little escape. I bet you're not near as rubbish as you think you are dealing with d-d. You're there. That counts more than anything. I guess you couldn't talk her into trying the C25K herself, hey?

RainbowCGraduate in reply to RuNananana

I've tried - but at the moment she's entrenched in negative thought and won't try to help herself. I did suggest she could come run with me but she refused :( One day...


The runs are amazing for keeping us sane.....:)

Our daughters.. well they are simply,our daughters... you are not rubbish at coping... don't say that . because, they, like we were, are a whole small person developing with all the issues, the problems and the life challenges that we had, and often goes on... and we do cope, and we do the very best we can to support and love and encourage.

She is your girl, and with your determination and sheer will power to be positive, you will get through this. Believe me x


You sound as if you've got a lot on your plate (unlike your daughter). Stay strong, they need us most of all at these times, even though they don't realise it. My first born put us through a fair bit of trouble, but one evening, when the worst was over, he told me out of the blue that I'd done the right thing and if we'd handled him differently he may well have run away and never been seen again. Trust your instincts, get professional help if necessary - and keep running to keep yourself sane and put things in perspective.

RainbowCGraduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

Professional help is now involved but very slow to happen... we'll get there eventually, I think, but it's a long road at the moment. Kind of like starting Couch to Ultra-marathon but without dear Laura and not knowing how many sessions there are to get through! ;)

Definitely keeping running though. That 10k doesn't look so unappealing right now! :D


So sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time with your daughter.......but I am glad that running gives you some 'me' time. Sounded a great run and you even conquered the hill (what hill I hear you say!)

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