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Torrential rain this afternoon, sat in my governor meeting with the head teacher, got a running date with my friend at 4, thinking how can i ask him politley to hurry up as he doesnt know i am a secret jogger as have not totally come out of the proverbial closet yet. Pondering what has happened to me, i want to get home get changed go running and get soaked. I dont recognise myself !!!! How on earth will he believe me. It is friday what has happened to wine oclock jog o clock has taken over my brain!!!! With a pause in the conversation, i lunge straight in, laugh at myself and drop my new hobby into the conversation. I am not greeted with with great roars of laughter quite the opposite he loves to run to especially in the rain. We share some thoughts and i set off ready to go for it. And yes we got soaked right through to our drawers, as me mum would have said but we have now completed week 2 and cannot wait to start week 3. All be it with trepidation as 3 mins seems a long time but hey we never thought we would get this far and we have. Mind you if we finish week 3 nxt friday we have promised ourselves one wine in the pub we pass on route. Hail rain or shine we r hoping to be in that beer garden. Wine oclock/ jogoclock has abit of a ring to it . All you newbies keep going !!

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  • Lovely blog, well done and keep going...great that you are doing it with a friend too.

  • It's mad int it. Like we've been taken over by aliens. I was out getting drowned as well but loving it as I skipped down the road with my music blaring in my ear'oles

    Keep up the good work GM. Go steady and you'll be fine

  • Sounds as if you're loving it! Keep going!

  • Thanks for your comments. Am loving it but feel a biy sad today as no running now till monday.. Instead got up clened up done the washing made low fat / calorie chili and veg curry. And drove the hubby and kids mad due to the amnt of excess energy i now seem tl have. Had a bit of a trying on session as have a 21 st wish it was mine and a girls night out in liverpool in june. Aim is to lose 2 dress sizes and by the feel of the clothes this morning think have definitley lost 1 size from my rear end. So outfits sorted from those that had gotten v tight. So wil! Now use some of my energy looking for new shoes. Keep going folks cannot believe how good i feel at this moment in time. Heres hoping i can sustain it

  • Did i just say i feel sad cos no running till monday. Omg. i really have lost the plot!!!!

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