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Hell yeah!

Lovely weather in combination with anxiety that keeps creating fears about my health in the future, with a topping of the TV show Obese: A year to save my life, made me think that I can easily get rid of the fat I carry after the pregnancies, get me back into fitness like I was at school and achieve goals that I never thought I would/could. A couple of days ago I walked with my toddler and my 8 months old baby for about 8 km, (about 3 hours non-stop) around the city of Brighton, in an attempt to go to the Lush shop. This is when I realised that 8 km is not an immense undoable monster, so I googled running events around Brighton and Hove. This is how I came across the BM10K course and I decided to participate. So now, I have a 10k run in just 3 weeks so sh*t got real! Yesterday I went for my first run and I managed a 5k in 43 min. Very slow, looooots of walking but I did not stop! Mega-achievement. :D

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