Running through the tricky times...😔

Running through the tricky times...😔

Haven't posted for a few days - life's a bit sad around the edges at the moment due to my elderly mother's failing health. However, despite missing my long run last weekend due to a miserable cold, I have been back out running and enjoyed a lovely 6k run  a couple of days ago. It was so needed and I felt emotionally much stronger for having been out. Made me realise what a positive coping strategy I now have as a runner. Am looking forward to a longer run tomorrow, and the prospect of rain here in Surrey means my trails will be muddy, which means I will have puddles to splash my way through too! This, when all else fails, is certain to put a smile on my face😀.


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24 Replies

  • So sorry to hear about your mother Sandra. It must be very hard for you. I've found running has really helped me cope. Stay strong and keep posting.

  • Thank you. I will🙂

  • Sorry to hear about your mother Sandra 😢tough times. 

    You take care and stay strong x 

  • Thanks Rob.

  • Sorry about your mum, I also ran over 5k today and just missed the rain, also here in Surrey. 

    But if it's any consolation will be out again tomorrow with my wife who's doing c25k w1run3, so could also be splatting through puddles!😊

  • I read that your wife is embarking on c25k Dave. Fantastic!

  •  I totally empathise with you. I went through similar heart-aching times with my beautiful little Mumma, three years ago. 

    The running does help doesn't it ? It recharges the emotional batteries, strengthens the physical body and eases the mind. Hold the good feelings inside, if you are able, and splash your way, noisily and messily, through those puddles :)

    Huge hug x

  • Oh, I WILL splash Oldfloss, I will! Thanks.

  • So sorry to hear things are so hard right now but share your love of running through difficulties, it is a fantastic way to distract our minds for a while, raises self confidence and the sense of achievement for every run is brilliant

  • Thanks Julie and you are so right. We are lucky to have our running aren't we? 

  • Sending hugs your way, girl. Take care of yourself too and make sure you keep finding time for running - it's a real outlet in so many ways when the going gets tough (the tough get going.. or rather they pull on their trainers and go and run through puddles).  

  • Thanks mfamilias - show me the open road and the promise of  rain and I am gone🙂! 

  • Sorry to hear that Sandra. I'm in a similar situation with my mum just visiting her at the moment at the nursing home.  She's got a bit of a lurgy and very unresposive it's not easy is it? 

    I've been up on ventnor downs earlier in a flash of inspiration to go somewhere different. GOD it was blowy , but the rain mostly held off til I was back in my car.  George dog will be sleeping well as kept me company. But it does definitely make us feel alive and that's a good thing. Big hugs to us both x 

  • Thanks Ali and sorry to hear about your mum too. It can be emotionally exhausting but the runs definately help to revive! Glad you didn't  get blown away on the downs btw! Take care.x

  • Oh Sandra , big hugs ((( ))) xxx 

    Hope you find some peace of mind in your running .

    It's chucking down here at the moment.  I'm hoping to get out tomorrow if I've shaken this lurgy off ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy.  There are so many lurgies around at the moment. Hope you manage to get out tomorrow.x

  • Sorry to hear about the sad time with your mum Sandra. Sending you cuddles and wishes for plenty of puddles... X 

  • Thank you.☺

  • Cuddles and puddles ! Ha ha , love it ! :-) xxx

  • That's a cue for a poem by Old Floss... :)

  • I'm sorry to hear you're going through this Sandra. I always say it's a price we pay for having parents live to a grand old age but it's hard. Recover some happy memories on your run and just revel in being alive and active and loving your running. Take care. x

  • Thanks Irish princess☺

  • So sorry these are tricky times. Keep running, it's keeping you strong in so many ways.

    All the best.

  • Thank you catmay, it really is helping☺

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