W8R2 fail?

Hey guys! How are you doing? Today I went to do my W8R2, everything was fine until the final 10 minutes when a bellyache suddenly appeared! With 8 minutes remaining I had to stop for 30 seconds to assess if I could keep running or if I should stop. I managed to finish and even added 30 seconds to compensate for the time I stopped, with pain and a huge anxiety. Did I fail this run and should repeat it or move on to the next one?

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  • Count it as done and move on.

    For the pain, think about what you were eating/drinking before the run and also consider if maybe you were going a little faster than normal. I find running flat out too close to having eaten can cause embarrassing digestive problems!  ('Nuff said!)

  • Rub your tum...and move on... :)

  • Rub your tum and pat your head at the same time. And move on.

  • Wasn't a stitch was it? Which usually goes off in a minute or 2. Sometimes a good fart sorts stamach ache.😁  you've completed the run with just a stall, so just move on..😊

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