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Week 6 blues

Meh, did W6R1 this morning, and it was kind of fine, but I didn’t enjoy it much. I’ve had an extra day off (a work commitment meant I couldn’t fit in an early run yesterday), but it took me a little while to get over W5R3 so I was glad of that: it really tired me out. I’ve also been a bit more sedentary than normal these past couple of day (I usually walk 2-3 miles a day just getting to and from work) but I’ve been having to go different routes and have been sitting on my bottom on tube trains quite a lot. So… I wasn’t really looking forward to getting out there again (esp given the warnings about this run) and even though it had only been 3 days, I felt rusty.

Nothing really went wrong, I suppose, but it was just a bit of a boring slog and I was tired by the end, had no energy for a final spurt of speed. The big positive is that, once I found my pace and rhythm, I never felt like I couldn’t do it. I got into quite a good groove.

It’s getting pretty warm in the mornings now, so I may need to ditch the long sleeves. I have a singlet I bought at the same time as my other stuff, but the world may not be ready for that.

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Some runs are better than others but that goes with the territory. A singlet sounds like a good idea. I take a lightweight run jacket and usually tie it round my waist just as soon as I get warmed up and then pop it back on again for the walk home.

Week 6 is a tough one but when it's done you should be relieved.

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Some are good, some not so..but you did it!

As misswobble says, it can be a tough week, so, as ever, slow and steady and head on through!


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