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Second post grad run

Hi everyone.

Did my second post graduation run this morning and again didn't make the 30 mins, only 25 with very tired achey legs 😣

Not sure why I have lost my mojo a bit but 25 mins is a good effort for someone who until the new year wasn't exercising at all ( or since about 20 years ago).

Don't think I will ever be a marathon runner so happy with that and maybe over time I will see more progress?

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Yes, you will of course. For now I think you want to be consolidating what is after all a considerable achievement: running for 25-30 min 3 x week. I don't think 5 min here or there matters at all. Are you running with the podcast or just with your own music? Maybe you could repeat the w9r3 podcast once a week, it might help you break through to the 30 min again.

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Thanks for your reply. Today I ran just with my own music as I wanted to see how far I could get without knowing how I was doing. Got to 25 mins as I say. Will bring back Laura next time. I have been taking her literally by her word and been going slow I don't even think I am doing 4k let alone 5. Ahhh well.


Yes I'd take it slow. You don't want to get an injury so I'd give myself some time getting accustomed to the longer runs. Then with time when you're ready have a look at the c25k+ podcasts. I have done stamina and speed. You can see, if you want to push yourself at some stage, about adding one of those in each week.

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Good advice thank you


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