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Post grad run three ✅


Just finished third post grad run of thirty mins. Nowhere near running 5k but I’m not bothered; running non stop for half an hour is such an achievement for me. This was on the back of a bike ride with hubby too so not too shabby!

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Well done! Are you enjoying the runs?

jan2563Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

Honestly no. I’m just gritting my teeth and getting through them

PippayoungartGraduate in reply to jan2563

I know what you mean. Teeth gritting here too! Trying to embrace delayed gratification - the run itself is hard, but the feeling after is the reward.


Well done! Hope you're not too achy! Am also nowhere near to 5k! Just enjoying the runs at the moment! 😀😀

jan2563Graduate in reply to Ang33333

Enjoying isn’t a word I would use


Well done you, I’m starting post grad this week so nice to hear you enjoying yr running 🏃‍♀️ ✅


What do you think you have to do/ change to get the enjoyment.🤔

The enjoyment is the main sustaining driver.🤔

Hope things improve.You have achieved so much.👍👏👏

jan2563Graduate in reply to Tbae

I think I need to try and run outside but I did a little jog whilst out and did five mins and was dying!!!

I’m bored running. I like cycling much better.

GoGo_JoJoModerator in reply to jan2563

It can be boring. Music is super important for my enjoyment as well as changing up the routes. I drove out to a canal Saturday so I could use the tow path. That was more fun than my neighbourhood streets. Once you start feeling you're really getting somewhere you might start to feel differently 👍

TbaeGraduate in reply to jan2563

Well that’s great you love cycling.👍👏👏

Of course you do not get the impact building benefits of running.

If you want to make the transition to outside from the treadmill apart from the one degree incline, or slightly more if you are comfortable,make sure you set the belt speed slow enough that it feels like your legs are pulling the belt back and not the belt in control pulling your legs back.🤔This will also ensure you do not overstride also and reduce your risk of injury.👍

As Jo suggests Audio Fuel also👍.

Laura’s C25k+ podcasts excellent.Download and listen.

You could use all three , stepping stones, stamina and speed on a treadmill with zero incline to begin with.🤔

They are a real treat.Very structured and will take you to a new place in your running.🤔

Complete enjoyment.Ranges from 150 bpm - 165 bpm, just think short,light, quick steps and your heels moving in a circular cycling motion.You will be outstanding at that with your love of cycling too.

Nothing to lose, try it and then transition to outside slow and steady, like your C25k programme and graduation.

You might find your running spark again.👏👏

It’s a win win, either way.

Enjoyment is the main driver.💫🏃‍♀️🚴‍♀️🧘‍♀️💫


Well done you, I think at this stage we are still learning to run and consolidating is just part of it....I am on week 3 of consolidation and also still nowhere near 5K, but am beginning to feel a bit better about each run.....and like you also, cannot use the word ‘enjoy’ yet.......but I do think that will come......eventually as long as we stick at it’s to continued ‘slogging’ 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ 😀😀

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