W5R1 not too bad!

Just completed run 1 of week 5 with a little help from Florence and the Machines...'dog days are over' The 'run for your children' line always helps me keep going! I found this run easier that W4r1 but that gremlin kept nagging at me over the 8 minute run that's soon to come. (Dare not even think of Friday's run yet!) This feels like a transition week/make or break kind of week! Has anyone slowed their speed for the big 20 minute?

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  • I've just done week 6 run 1. You will be fine- the 8 minute bit in run 2 was tough but that was at the end of a long day and with an empty stomach. For the twenty minutes I made sure it was the weekend about an hour after breakfast and it was definitely manageable. Plan ahead! The 20 minutes allows you to get into a rhythm and you do persevere. Keep us posted! Good luck x

  • Has anyone NOT slowed their speed lol!!

    Definitely try and set off a touch slower than usual, that way you may keep a steadier pace over the whole run.

    I found that I definitely slowed considerably in the last few minutes BUT at that point I just wanted to reach the end!

  • JT's spot on, who doesn't slow down? Take it easy at the beginning, run slow slow, then you can always speed up to a slow run. Then think of Florence prancing about the stage and how light-footed she is, find your inner goddess, you never know you may even have enough energy for some twirls at the end. Love Delilah.

  • Slow and steady, regardless.. You just keep a steady pace, focus on the now, not the next.

    You will do this! :)

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