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W5R1 not too bad!

Just completed run 1 of week 5 with a little help from Florence and the Machines...'dog days are over' The 'run for your children' line always helps me keep going! I found this run easier that W4r1 but that gremlin kept nagging at me over the 8 minute run that's soon to come. (Dare not even think of Friday's run yet!) This feels like a transition week/make or break kind of week! Has anyone slowed their speed for the big 20 minute?

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I've just done week 6 run 1. You will be fine- the 8 minute bit in run 2 was tough but that was at the end of a long day and with an empty stomach. For the twenty minutes I made sure it was the weekend about an hour after breakfast and it was definitely manageable. Plan ahead! The 20 minutes allows you to get into a rhythm and you do persevere. Keep us posted! Good luck x


Has anyone NOT slowed their speed lol!!

Definitely try and set off a touch slower than usual, that way you may keep a steadier pace over the whole run.

I found that I definitely slowed considerably in the last few minutes BUT at that point I just wanted to reach the end!

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JT's spot on, who doesn't slow down? Take it easy at the beginning, run slow slow, then you can always speed up to a slow run. Then think of Florence prancing about the stage and how light-footed she is, find your inner goddess, you never know you may even have enough energy for some twirls at the end. Love Delilah.


Slow and steady, regardless.. You just keep a steady pace, focus on the now, not the next.

You will do this! :)


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