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W6R3 Complete and stayed on till 5K

I have finally managed to remain with the run/walk till I complete 5K by the end of W6R3...

Now at 5:01 Km after 38.4mins, with that includes warm up/cool down walk. But definitely longer than W6R2 when I did 4.5 Km in 36:40mins.

This time I blocked of all treadmill displays with paper and just relied on Laura's podcast to give me the times. Some how, looking at the display distracts me and perhaps makes me FEEL tired sooner than I actually am.

Week 7, here I come!!!

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Doing an extra three minutes eh.

It's all running from here on in, enjoy.



Wow, excellent work! You must really be running well. I'm on week 8 and just did run 3. I'm only covering around 4k. I run on country roads so my route isn't flat, but I still don't think I'd cover 5k even if it was flat. So keep up the good work! :)


Sounds good but how did you change the pace of the treadmill? I'm doing it on the treadmill and if I covered the screen with paper I suppose I'd be worried about how fast I was running and if I could keep up the pace!


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