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Week 2: All Runs Complete!

Week 2: All Runs Complete!


Very pleased with the progress I made last week to stay on track and complete all the three runs for week 2!

I have now settled on the routine of running Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. What has worked for me for the first two weeks in this program is to run on treadmill for the first two runs followed by running outside on Saturday morning.

Ideally, I want to run outside all the three days as I find running outside a lot more pleasant with scenic views. But, it just doesn't work very well for me with school and office runs during the week. So, currently I intend to stick to my plan of running on treadmill at my office gym on Tue/Thursday and run outside on Saturday.

As an experiment, I also used Runtastic app (Free version) to track statistics. Forgot to set the type of exercise to running (and the app defaulted to walking). I don't think it has any impact on the distance, speed statistics except the calorie count (which I am not counting at the moment :) ). Will make sure to set the exercise type to running next time :)

In terms of my running experience for the second week, I found that I kind of sense a mild resistance in the body to running until the first two 90 second runs. Once the third 90 second run begins, the body resistance melts away and I get into a rhythm to complete the run. It is a slightly more tiring than the week 1 runs and I do feel the impact of the additional 30 seconds as compared to the first week runs.

Anyways, I am glad the second week is over. Looking forward to the week 3 runs now!!!!

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Well done- you sound like you are well on track!

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Well done !

Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

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