Aching legs

Mostly happy with progress and I have to agree it's quite addictive - even after a tough one the feeling of delight afterwards is great! But this morning was tough - I did W6R2 and I had a lot of trouble with aching in the lower calves. I see from other posts that aching legs are common and there was advice to stretch after a run which I haven't been doing so hopefully that might help.

Does anyone know if it helps to stretch before a run?


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8 Replies

  • I think generally doing static stretches before a run can make things worse but I do a few lunges whilst walking. Also doing squats on rest days may help.

  • You should be warmed up before you stretch ideally to avoid injury, so I would suggest stretching after your run not before. Some runners do both though, stretching before and after.

  • Ballistic stretches before, static after.

  • Rignold - please explain ballistic? Thank you!

  • Sorry to hear you have aching legs. I am not experienced enough to give advice but usually try to ensure the 5 min walk at the beginning is energetic/fast, especially is the weather is cool. I must admit I sometimes forget to stretch at the end of the run and my calf muscles have felt tight.

  • I also suffer with aching calves..So any advice would be appreciated:)

  • Some good 'moving stretches' before you run and static ones after. Strength exercises on your days off ☺

    Also, not cheap but weleda muscle rub is amazing ☺

    Good luck. Keep going!

  • Thank you everyone - maybe I'm not warming up enough, will try walking a bit faster, especially when it's cold like this morning, and stretching afterwards. And I too would like to know what ballistic stretches are?

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