W6,R1&2: Random progress ramblings

W6,R1&2: Random progress ramblings

This week is going well, I think my freestyle run last week was a real turning point, plus I feel a bit leaner so possibly not lugging so much weight along is helping (hope I haven't just jinxed r3 now!).

I've signed up for a 5k in June and was researching parkruns last night, so I feel like this is a long term hobby more than a 9 week plan.

My teenager is showing a mild interest (which, if you know anything about teenagers is the same as wild excitement), so we're going to have a go at w1r1 when she gets up (lunchtime πŸ˜‰).

Finally, I'm going to our annual staff awards ceremony on Thurs pm, it's a glitzy do and I'm feeling confident enough with my new and improved couch to 5k legs for a shorter hemline....

...so, yeah, I'll carry on for a bit longer 😁

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  • my 23 year old daughter who is allergic to exercise is also showing some vague interest hope I can get her out for a w1 r1 sometime soon :-)

    looking forward to feeling leaner :-)

    you have inspired me to go do my W2R3 now :-)

    thanks for you post

  • Great post Pam !

    This programme certainly opens up a whole new world for us doesn't it ?

    It makes us embrace all sorts of things we wouldn't have thought we were capable of ! :-)

    Well done , you're doing great , keep going ! :-) xxx

  • It's not only teenagers who get up at lunchtime during week-ends; your daughter has all my sympathy... 😜

    So, yeah, you carry on; I'll follow later. Yawn! :D

  • Go Pam! Shorter hemline! Yes! I did giggle though when you say you feel running is a "long term hobby". I'd like to see if you still feel like that at the end of the programme and you haven't become one of the addicted brigade. 😊

  • Well done! Good news on feeling that your clothes are a bit looser. I lost two pounds this week without seemingly eating any differently but I did do a 10k race last Sunday so it just shows how this running lark can help with the weight.

    Don't base your runs around your teenager or you'll spend potential running time just hanging about waiting. Say "we are running at midday" (or whenever) and that's the deadline. If you're not ready I go alone, sorta ultimatum.

    Have fun!!!!

  • Brilliant work! As for those legs - if you've got 'em, flaunt 'em :D

  • Hmmm, at my age it's a fine line between "daring" and "mutton", I must remember not to cross it.... ;o)

  • The only line you need to worry about is - Do I feel fab in this, or not so much?

  • Strike while the iron's hot Pam. My daughter (finally) decided to come running with me, went to orchestra that evening, got a hard hit to the head and ended up in a&e with concussion. That girl is so accident prone, it is insane. This wasn't her fault at all but you don't expect a kid to get concussion playing the violin, touch rugby maybe. Anyhow she won't be running for a while.

    Great news on the bod. I think the thighs are the only part of my body I've really noticed a change in shape so far but I put on a pair of trousers today that I bought in Oct. They were a tight fit then and now they're so baggy round the waist I need a belt. Something must be working, the scales don't register any change though.

    You keep it up now, you're actually hooked already, go on admit it :)

  • Thank you m'dears, I don't know which is more addictive, the running or this blooming forum! I'm spending waaaay too much time on it :o)

    Just heading back out for my girls first run shortly... she didn't have any running pants so tried on a couple of pairs of mine (bear in mind there's quite a size difference between a 15 year old and a 43 year old) and said "I look like one of those before and after adverts for weight watchers.....grrrrr!).

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone Px

  • I like your post - thank you for making me smile (particularly the teenager bit!). I agree about this forum being addictive - everyone is so friendly and supportive.

  • Lovely inspirational post :)

    Super, super progress...:)

    Ah yes.. the joys of the teenage years.. so many delightful traits!

    It was my girl who persuaded me to set out on this journey... she cuts me no slack and has no time for my moans about, tiredness, bad weather, hills and the like! Sort of a role reversal really!

    I do really feel that you should post a pikkie of you, at your 'do' inn your sassy dress, showing off those sparkling shapely pins :)

  • For you, Lady Floss, I will 😊 x

  • I did try and get a leg shot, but due to circumstances beyond my control (ok, alcohol!), I just took a lot of photos of the floor 😣 Glam hair photo will have to do x

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