Gadget free run

For one reason and another I didn't manage to get my run in last night so I was up and atem early this morning. Got all togged up, picked up my phone for tunes and runkeeper - dead as a dodo! Think my phone is playing up as it had plenty of battery yesterday. Got hubby hunting out his old phone so I could use that only to find my bluetooth headphones also dead so no need for the phone anyway! I am also without a watch at the moment as yet another battery has failed me! Ended up going out with nothing but my 5 year olds learn to tell the time watch!

The silent run wasn't so bad, I went along the canal again and the only noise was the honking geese and the odd hello from fellow runners and dog walkers. The quiet did allow the gremlins to creep in a bit though:

"you don't have to keep running for the full 30 minutes now you know, you've graduated you can do what you like"; " A little walk would be fine"; You're not well, you should turn back now".

I just kept an eye on the time to hit 15 minutes, then turned to head home to get to 30 minutes, not sure on distance but a guesstimate on map my run afterwards, I think I was just under 5k. It was fairly tough. Got the beginnings of a cold and tickly cough so struggled a bit in the cold morning air but I did it. Also did my warm up walk down the very big hill from my house so the cool down coming home was back up it. My goodness it's a killer, even walking! If I am ever able to run up that beast I will declare myself a fitness goddess!


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9 Replies

  • Well done on getting out against all odds.. :)

  • You're brave going out 'naked'! I graduated last week but still took Laura with me today! Like you, I had the odd tap on my shoulder from gremlins whispering that I could head for home. I have set myself a new target of a 5k parkrun in July - and it has two hills so I need time to prepare.

  • I did my graduation run without Laura, but I like the comfort of the runkeeper lady giving me distance and time checks.

  • Yes - when I first got my Garmin I missed that lady ☺

  • That's what's making me hesitate about investing in a running watch, I think I'd miss the verbal cues...

  • My watch does have a virtual pacer so it is effectively the same functionality - you get used to it. Once I was more comfortable with the running I didn't need her reassurance all the time. If you don't want to invest in a watch though, runkeeper is great. Especially given it is free!

  • I am leaving my Tomtom watch at home until I graduate and don't use the podcasts, trying to just take in the surroundings etc. Good one for getting out in this cold morning air, it can take your breath away a bit.

  • Ooh, a silent run, that's brave! Well done for getting out there, hope you've chased that cold away x

  • It's doing that annoying thing where you think it's coming, then it doesn't materialise, then it comes again... It can get stuffed!

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