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W8R1 done but not easy

Well the first run of week 8 is under my belt. I took an extra days rest as I had been having knee pain, it was uncomfortable on the run but not a problem and is no worse after the run so I think I will just go with it. I figure that I am feeling better in so many other ways that a bit of a niggle in the knee is probably a compromise worth making. I took the flatter route which I've not done for a while because I wasn't feeling on top of the world. The route is lovely, some gentle undulations which are challenging but nothing too hard. I did settle after about 10 minutes but I really had to work hard throughout to keep the gremlins at bay. It is sheer determination that I am using now because I've come this far I refuse to be beaten by a run, I also know that if I am struggling I can just slow down a bit more not that I'm going at much of a pace in the first place! Once I'm over half way I keep telling myself that I don't want to have to do all that again so I have to keep going. Probably not the attitude if I am thinking of running as a lifestyle thing! I was very grateful for the warnings on this forum about Laura telling you to finish early and then repeating herself a couple of minutes later. Having applied such determination today I would have been rather gutted to find I hadn't actually completed the 28 minutes. Just 5 runs now to graduation ....

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You can do this! Your post reminds me of myself, I have the same stubborn streak that kept me going so that I did't have to repeat a run. Best of luck with the rest of the programme, not long now to graduation.


Well done... for your run and kicking those pesky gremlins into touch :)

Your determination is commendable!

Maybe...just a thought... you could slow down a bit more and really relax into your run, enjoy the journey....? Not sure if I am making any sense... I remember reaching the latter weeks and finding a couple of runs a bit of a slog...and I found just easing back, taking it slower, a lot slower, ( Grey Snail) made a difference.

You were, as you say, a tad uncomfortable, which won't, make sure that knee is okay, big breath, slow down and really celebrate your journey so far.

You are doing brilliantly and getting so close, focus on now and not has been, or what is to come... " ...enjoy and not just endure" ?

( Yep.. I know I go on a bit :)

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Thank you for this you have hit the nail on the head. Yesterday was about endurance, I didn't really want to go out and thought that if I had a second day of rest I could easily slip out of the programme because every run is now quite a challenge. Normally I look forward to my run and see the challenge as a positive and exciting one rather than one to begrudge. Tomorrow I may be home from work early and I'm already looking forward to my run seeing it as the start of the weekend. Once I graduate I may make Friday one of my run nights because I really enjoyed it last week at the end of the working week too. Thank you for your reply.

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Glad it may have helped a little.

I feel that your Friday run...start of the weekend, idea, is a super one!

A treat to be looked forward to after a hard week...relaxing into non-work mode!

I still that sort of mind set even now, and even though I am retired... otherwise, I can lose the weekend and carry on doing workday tasks; so I have a Friday cut off point...

You go for it and keep posting! You will be close now :)


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