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First post-graduation run

Felt a bit wierd running thismorning. Having graduated on Friday there was no 'got to get to 30 minutes' feeling. I thought about running a different route but in the end I ran my normal one. I just want to get a few more 5K/30mins under my belt before I think about doing anything else. Anyway I got to the point which I knew was 5K from where I start and then looked at the time for the first time in the whole run and it was 00:30:03

I was quite pleased with that as I had no idea if I was running slower or faster than normal. I thought I had run slower as I felt quite good throughout the whole run and guessed this was due to me running at a slower pace - but guess my body is just getting use to running??

Will stick to Mon/Wed/Fri runs if I can for a couple more weeks and see what happens then.

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Congratulations on graduating! And wow, what an impressive time! That's amazing! I think your body is definitely getting used to running. Well done once again :)


Well done on graduating.. :)

You could always try c25k + in a couple of weeks to change things up a bit, sounds like you are doing great though.

Brilliant time for 5k. :)


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