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W5R3 Done !!!


Just got back from my W5R3. It was a bit challenging but do-able. The last 2-3 mins was the toughest. But I did it ! As one of the posts said, thinking of it in 5min chunks works perfectly.

I feel this is the turning point to go longer without breaks.

So, I thought (trying to get some air by the end :-) ) I heard Laura suggest repeating W5 if we feel like before going on to W6.

Any thoughts?

Again, thank you all for the great encouragement.



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Peronally, if you managed it, I'd keep going. The difference from 20 to 25 seems massive head on but combined with the other runs in that week, it is easier believe it or not! I found the 10, walk, 10 quite a challenge and many others have found Wk 6 to be a bit of a devil too so best foot forward, see how you get on and remember how far you've come :-)

Well done! No there is no need to repeat it, just move on.


If you did the 20 mins there's no need to repeat. You go back to intervals at the beginning of W6 (although watch out, W6 can be tricky!) and the 25 mins is run 3 - it should be no problem when you get to it. Keep ploughing on !

W5R3 is the turning point, I thought I was a runner if I could run 20 mins (Laura tells you you're a runner a bit later though - something to look forward to!).

Good luck - you're doing great!


JaySee is right. You've completed week 5 and are now over half way. The next couple of weeks are really about training your mind, your body has proven itself capable and will naturally get stronger. Week 6 and week 7 are about building and testing your willpower, so grit your teeth and move slowly on.

tohealthyhabitsGraduate in reply to Slowstart

Yep. Just looked at the next few weeks and they are building on W5R3, W6 is the only week with variations... after that just sustaining the momentum.

Thank you. I will move on to Week 6


Me too! Just come back from W5R3 and am knackered, but massively proud of myself. I do need to figure out how to give myself some background music though (I'm a bit of a luddite) in order to alleviate the mind-numbing boredom.

SlowstartGraduate in reply to thedogscometoo

Yes you definitely need music, I tried without but the run was tedious. If you download the app you can play your own music and just hear Lauras prompts, if you download the podcast it comes with it's own music.


Just go for it...it all follows on and you are doing just fine. Slow and steady!

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