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W2R3 complete :)


I did it. Omg I've had a pretty heavy duty few days & literally haven't stopped since doing R2 on Friday. Decorated my bedroom, new carpet, wallpaper, paint, job lot from scratch, food shop, housework, cooking, visiting Mum, the list goes on but I was determined to complete week 2 & even though every bone, muscle, piece of me aches & hurts I knew I had to do it. Very very proud of myself but absolutely no idea how I'm going to run for 3 whole minutes in week 3 😱

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Well done Vicky! Sounds like you really got a workout on top of your run :)


Well done :)

You will go out there and surprise yourself, just rest a bit now lol!

Have faith in the programme and enjoy your progress xx


Well done! I felt exactly the same a couple of weeks back but you will get there. I never thought I'd be running for a total of 16 mins this week (4) when in week 1 I struggled to jog for one minute! The program builds you up for this- stick to it religiously and you'll be great. Xx


You will just do it... believe it!

And after that last few days you have had,, it really will seem like a walk in the park :)


Don't worry about the 3-minute runs; with the same spirit you demonstrated for W2, you can and you will do it. You're clearly a fighter. ;)


Oh, you will Vicky, I am sure☺ Just keep it steady and keep on getting out there. Good luck.


You can do it.. Trust in the program and your determination will see you through.. looking forward to your next post saying you've smashed it x


Well done Vickyb5277 on completing week 2,I was the same as you how will i manage 3 minutes but would have to say the support on here is fantastic from people who have as the saying goes "been there and got the t- shirt".

I echo what people say on the forum take it slow but don't give up and believe in yourself.

Tomorrow i start week 5, 4 weeks ago i couldn't even run for 1 minute never mind 5 minutes as was week 4.

Instead of dreading the run i look forward to it now (well most of the time!) because i know that everyone on here is willing us to succeed and with effort and determination we will.


You can do it! You're running the same number of minutes in total (9 mins), and the program builds you up to be able to run for longer sessions at a time. Good luck! :)

Again I'm overwhelmed by the support & comments on this forum & I know that that is what will get me through (as well as my holiday when I graduate ;) )

Your words of encouragement are fantastic & I feel like I can do this with you all behind me, or should I say with us all behind each other!! Thank you all again :) x

sparky66Graduate in reply to vickyb5277

Yea one big long succession of c25k runners running together..kicking butts with words of encouragement... lol have visions of a big forum conga in my head now:p

vickyb5277 in reply to sparky66

Hahaha when I said you all behind me I just had visions of me doing my evening run with 100's people running behind me cheering me on hahahaha x


Well done Vicky!

I know what you mean about week 3, I found it very daunting. I just did W3R1 today and although I struggled for breath in the second 3 minutes and really wanted to stop, I carried on and am so glad I did! Honestly, if I can do it anyone can!!

vickyb5277 in reply to JennyH10

Thanks Jenny & a massive well done you!! I think sometimes it's the fear & mental side rather than the actual run itself. I seriously don't think I'll be able to do 3 minutes but I'm giving it a go tomorrow:) xx

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