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W2R3 Sooooooo chuffed!

I usually wait until the morning after a session to post but just couldn't wait. I saw a real difference tonight in how brisk my walks were, how quick the runs (jogs) went and how far I got in the time.YES!!! :)

Not sure if it was the new gear from Aldi or from when a dog took a bit of a lunge towards me or a need to get home to homemade chicken and chorizo risotto - but hey who cares?? I'll take it. Week 3...bring it on.


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Well done, excellent, keep running


Marvelously done, Leyther!! It is a fantastic feeling to have a run like you have just had!! I don't think that the dog or the new gear have as much to do with it as YOU do!! YOU are the one doing the running and doing it brilliantly!!

You have every reason to be absolutely proud of how you are doing!! Keep Running!!!



Well done, and keep going it sounds like you are ready for week 3, enjoy


It's great how quickly the fitness builds - it doesn't really take much but the pay-off in terms of pride and pleasure more than makes up for it, doesn't it? When you realist that you CAN do it,... well it makes all the difference. You're stronger than you think - and now you've proved it.


Lovely supportive comments as always, thanks so much guys


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