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C25B450 Wk9r2 Disaster, gutted, SOS!


Soooo close, 2 runs to go and I'm working away in a city I don't know well enough to run in the dark. I brought my stuff and found hotel had a gym so went on treadmill for first time during c25k.

Hideous! Utter disaster darling! I couldn't get the pace right, I felt like it was going slow but couldn't find a rhythm and after 11mins I had to stop. Walked for a couple of mins, eased the speed back up to a slow run, managed another 8 mins, got my first stitch ever on C25k. Had to take another couple of minutes out here and there and eventually ran 30 mins in about 37 mins (if that makes sense).

Absolutely gutted and my confidence to be able to run anything more than 10 mins on my next run, which should be my graduation run, is in tatters. Who was I kidding, shout my triumphant gremlins. Having a sniffle in my hotel room. Feeling utterly defeated. The only positive I can draw from it is that I kept going to run a cumulative 30,, even if I had to walk several times inbetween.

Positive words of encouragement welcomed. Have tried hard not to get knocked off target by injury, but wasn't expecting this. :-( If I sound pathetic it's cus I'm feeling pathetic! 5 days to my 50th, my challenge was to complete the programme by my birthday. Suddenly feels like climbing Everest in flipflops.

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don't feel pathetic! you are on week 9! I mean, heck, you are practically a pro! I'd you normally run outside then I imagine the treadmill felt a bit weird anyway, and I think the temptation is to naturally run faster overall because you can't slow down or speed up naturally as you need to without making a very concious decision to change settings which feels a bit like giving in. Even excepting that though, we all have harder days and if you are working away from home I'm guessing you feel a bit more worn out than normal anyway. Well done for keeping going to 30mins!! Have a nice relaxing evening, do something to take your mind off it, and then have another go at the run when you get home. There's still time to manage it before your birthday!

Thanks, that's very kind. I'm sniffling again! Suspect i need to get some perspective! Who wld've thought 9 wks ago I'd be so bothered by this?. Actually who wld've thought 9wks ago I'd even have considered going through a gym door to try and stay on course with c25k? Get a grip Helen! Thanks Garfield_123 :-)


Helsbels you are so nearly there...and you were on a treadmill! 😮 It's a different technique and quite different to running on roads, in my opinion. I have not stepped on one for years! I know some people like them but they are not for me I'm afraid. My guess is that as soon as you get back on the surface you are used to, you will refind that confidence. Please, don't falter now - you will still achieve that goal and are going to feel so super chuffed with yourself, I guarantee! Look forward to reading your graduation post in a few days time - keep the faith fellow runner!🙂👍🏃🏻


Sounds to me it's more that you weren't used to a treadmill rather than not being able to physically complete the run. When are you back home to run your usual route? I'm sure you'll have no problem with the 30 mins under normal circumstances.

Sending big hugs x

Right Bels, this is absolutely NOT a disaster, it was just an experience you're not going to repeat.

Treadmills are strange beasts and it is so very completely different to outdoor running on so many levels. If you'd done this run outside, you'd have smashed it, like you did a couple of days ago and exactly like you're going to do next time out. You've got this. PLEASE don't feel down, you don't deserve to give yourself a hard time, actually you should be applauded for trying to keep to your run schedule through working away and tackling a treadmill for the first time on the program. :)

I think people underestimate the difference with outside/treadmill massively. I had the exact same experience as you, but in reverse, in week 6. I couldn't run my time outdoors after being on a treadmill for weeks. I wasn't used to it, couldn't get my pace, rhythm, anything, had to walk, and repeat my run.

Give yourself a rest, park this one as an experience, think no more about it and focus on that next run outside. You've come so far and done brilliantly, one minor hiccup takes nothing away from all you've achieved.

I am sending you a huge hug anyway... And I will be doing virtual cartwheels for you when your next post tells me you're on track, sailed through your run and are looking forward to graduation.

Come on Bels! We're rooting for you. You can and will do it. Smile, relax and be kind to yourself.

Nat x


Aww, Helsbels, it was the treadmill and not you! Outside you are free to run as you want and probably vary your pace unconsciously. Plus you're distracted by all the stuff around you. A treadmill is something new and you're just not used to it. Many people are thrown when they change from outside to treadmill or vice versa - you just got thrown late in the programme.

What advice would you give a newbie? It was a bad run, so what, everybody has a bad run now and then. Pick yourself up and carry on. Do you have time to repeat the run? If not - stuff it and go for your graduation run. You did your 30 mins, you completed the run. And you know you can do it - you've just done 8 reasonably long runs in a row! That makes you a runner!

Secretly you know you won't give up - you've also been bitten by the bug!


Bad runs happen, happened to me, happens to most of us, don't get too hung up on it. Just move on try again out on the road. I've never used a tm, not likely to if I can avoid.

You went on a teradmill for the first time and didn't get on with it, but perevered to get your distance in anyway... what is the problem exactly? Are you going to have to continue on a treadmill henceforth? If so, you will probably get used to it, knowing what to expect now. If not, then what does it matter?

if it troubles you that much, do R2 again. You clearly have the stamina, you haven't broken any limbs, you just had a difficult run under unusual circumstances.


You are doing awesomely! I haven't got anything to add really but sending you an enormous hug!

You're nearly there.............yay!!!!

E xxx


As far as I can see, you have done run 2, admittedly with a hiccup in an unfamiliar circumstance. Do run 3, graduate, congratulate yourself!


Hey you completed the run on the dreaded treadmill. You'll be back to normal as soon as you can get outside. Next run will be fine and you will be a graduate! Running is for life - best birthday present you could ever give yourself! Don't be down - you've done great!


Chin up Buttercup ! Get those awesome pants pulled up and get out there again when you're back .

You can do this , we believe in you ! You have done BRILLIANTLY !

Onwards , always xxxx


Can't really add much to what others have said. After a year of running outside, I've been on the treadmill about 5 times in the past few weeks, and it's a totally different experience !

My first run (hey this should be a piece of cake I thought) I picked a predefined program, and it was horrible, took me 30 yes 30 minutes to get into the groove, the last 10 minutes was absolutely fine, but the 30 before it was horrendous !!! I had to keep slowing it right down then speeding up again.

The next time, I picked the basic setting, no inclines and messed with the paces until I found the ones that worked for me.

The treadmill is nothing like running outside, it's a totally different experience and the paces feel completely different than running outside.

Personally I find the treadmill feels really really fast, at paces I'd consider slower outside. 8 mins per kilometre felt like a major sprinting race pace, outside it certainly does not feel like a sprint.

Like I said, I've been a few times now, and it's definitely got better each time. The paces are beginning to feel more normal rather than super fast.

So, until more "treadmill trained", then I'd advise picking just the plainest settings (no inclines), and mess around with the paces until you find the pace that works. Then, once into some sort of rhythm you can choose faster paces.

Well done on your achievements so far, and don't let the treadmill get you down !

EDIT: I'll add that first time on the treadmill, it felt like I had 2 left feet, about as co-ordinated as an elephant trying to run up an escalator backwards.

you made me laugh with the vision of the elephant running up an escalator backwards. yep, kinda felt like that! i'll be steering of running machines from here on in!

Thank you soooooooooo much you lovely people for all your warm, supportive, constructive and encouraging advice. Your words had me blubbing again.

A few hours later, after some food, all of your comments, and I have regained some perspective. It is not the end of the world, no-one died, it is a bad run, on a strange and alien piece of equipment. What was I expecting?! Doh!

For the future I'll be giving the treadmill a very wide berth. I knew there was a reason i'm allergic to gyms...

And so with more optimism than a few hours earlier (and just a little nip of trepidation) , on Fri or Sat I shall step out with Adam Ant and maybe the Chariots of Fire theme for my repeat run/last run (haven't decided yet). Thank you all, you rock!!

Aaaw helsbels, don't feel downhearted..

the treadmill is very different to running outside, you have done really well to apply yourself to a tough run in strange

circumstances. That run is done now and banked in your legs. Its all good.

Take your rest days as normal and do your graduation run where you know you can be successful. There are no bad runs... just running experience.

I'm sure you will be graduating before your birthday and will have a shiny graduate badge to wear next to the 50th one... :) xxx cheer up its almost your birthday.


Okay... token sniffle over.. that is allowed. But...time to face reality now;

Strange place, work related, strange gym...stranger machine????? Plus... coming up to your birthday, which may be on your mind a bit???

Goodness, you were so brave to even try it!

Come on.... it was not a defeat at all.. it was a silly teeny tiny bit of nothingness.

Blow the gremlins... what do they know.... ? They just seek attention...well they can get lost!

Okay... back home...maybe a good walk before heading out for your last run YEAH!!!!!!!

Clear your head, clear your mind and focus on the fact that you will succeed.

Incidentally. I love the idea of Everest in flip flops.. have this wonderful silly image in my head...not helpful I know... :)

Come on you... you are made of strong stuff...look where you are. You are going to do this.

In true Floss style I'll finish with a favourite quote, remember;

The difference between try and triumph, is just a little umph...

Go on girl....give it some 'umph' !!!

Looking forward to your first post Graduation post :)


Someone on here - not sure who, think it might have been Oldgirl??? - used to refer to them as Dreadmills :D I certainly can't run on the things. Don't worry about it at all. I think you need a totally different technique. I have to hang on to the arms! You have done brilliantly and you will be fine on your graduation run - enjoy it, and celebrate your running and your birthday :)

HelsbelswhatamIdoingGraduate in reply to Anniemurph

Dreadfully sums it up nicely. I shan't be doing that again in a hurry! Another day older another day wiser, about dreadfully at least! Thanks for your good wishes :-)


I can't really add anything to what has already been said. They're nicknamed dreadmills for a reason, so chin up and do us all proud when you do your 30 minute graduation run outdoors. You can and you will do this, and happy birthday.

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