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C25B450 Wk7r2 nailed thanks to Adam and the Ants!


Wk7r1 caught me by surprise. Nothing in the tank and gremlins in my head. I did it with a couple of 30 seconds walks in there but it really knocked my confidence. Plus niggling pain under right heel gave the gremlins plenty of ammunition. After a couple of days in Cornwall where I couldn't run and leave daughter alone) got home this eve and headed out, armed with music for the first time. Adam and the Ants Greatest hits, I highly recommend it! Upbeat, feel good tunes from the 80S. Took a different route along different part of prom, and with stars and moon out, it was fabulous! Under right heel still achey but feeling so much more positive :-) Adam Ant, you rock!

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Well done! I always find some new music jollies me along a bit


You rock...never mind Adam Ant!!!! Go YOU!

What a lovely run it sounds too... wish I had been running with you. I am getting to like the idea of a night run..in summer though.. with no ice!!!!!

Glad you got rid of those pesky gremlins..just toss them into the sea!!! Don't think they can swim :)


Ohh you "goody two shoes" running the day you get home. I think week 7 is the hardest of all, you still don't know if Laura is your "friend or foe", but "stand (by the plan) and (it will) deliver!

Happy memories...must get this album didn't know it existed.

Great reply! I was hope if I fell I've my "prince charming" would come to my rescue. By the end I was able to "stand and (had) deliver (ed)"! 😃


Well done you. I was mad about Adam & The Ants back in the eighties - brilliant!

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