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Wk 6, Run 1a & b

WK 6 RUN 1a

Well despite following all the advice you gave me after Wk 5, the first run of Wk 6 on Friday was *really* tough! :(

I made a conscious effort to keep it slow and steady, but it felt wrong from the start; couldn't get my legs to settle into a gentle rhythm and my breathing was laboured.

I really thought I was going to give up, but I kept saying to myself, if you can run for 20 minutes you can damn-well run for 5!!! I actually found it easier going when I got to a steep hill because it FORCED me to slow down, and that's when I realised I was further on than I would normally be at this point on this route. SO whether I realised it or not I was running faster than before, and I just wasn't ready.

So I took the last 5 minutes at what felt like a dead-slow pace; and made it. Another big slap on the back!

Advice: Go as slow as you can, and then perhaps a bit slower!

WK 6 RUN 1b

Thought I'd do a little 'free-run' on Sunday. Put my run tracker on the iPhone, and found one of my old Running playlists from back in the day (think I read someone else said, 'love Laura, hate Laura's music' and that's me too!), and headed out on a 5k route I'd mapped on WalkJogRun.

An amazing... slow... 5.2k in 39 mins. No walking or stopping.

Such a sense of achievement. I know for sure I can do it now.

Back to the interval runs tomorrow. But I can't wait for the 3rd run on Thursday!

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Getting the pace right is so important as you can tell from your second run. I read on a post (sorry not sure who wrote it) they run slow, then they have a slow slow pace, and a slow slow slow pace, which really sums how we all feel to start with.


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