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W1R2 done :)

I did it yaaaay. Finally got on to R2. Still got the back end of my cold but I was determined that this week IS going to continue as W1.

I got home from work (last night) got changed & was out of the house within 10 mins, I knew if I got distracted I'd put it off & I'm so glad I did it. Slept like a baby & feeling great. R3 will be Sunday for me.

Hope everyone is having a great week x

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Well done Vicky. Do you have the weekend off? Good luck for last run of w1. I managed to do r3 of week 8, but I really had to push myself.

Looking forward to week 9, honestly can't believe I have got this far, haha xx

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Well done you that's brilliant you go girl!!!

Busy weekend ahead but all nice family things then I'll run Sunday at 6pm when my other half goes in the gym aka our garage that he's kitten out lol.

Stupidly I've ran again tonight. My friend begged me to go as she didn't want to go alone so did a 2 mile run/walk. Ready for bed now I can tell you haha.

Can't wait till the not hating this running lark kicks in :)

When are you next running? X


Is your friend also doing the couch25k? Must be nice to have someone to keep you company while running.

Through out this programme I have managed to run every other day, so my next one is Sunday and my final run so should be 3rd March.

I can't wait to get my graduation badge, and tell my boys that I have achieved it ( twins nearly 21 are at uni). My youngest (nearly 19) is at college, but off to uni this September and I'm forever talking about my next run ( I bore everyone).

How old are your children?


No she's not she just runs. She can manage 8 miles without stopping but she's not run in a while but still kills me cos she just keeps going!! Don't run often with her as I want to stick to the C25k.

Mine are 12 daughter & 18 Son. Son just laughs at me & daughter just says are you running again lol

You'll do great, my w9 should be beginning of May just in time for my holiday on 7th lol x


Great stuff Vicky, youre up and running !

Good Luck for Run 3 , then thats your first week over !

Onwards, always xxx

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Thank you x


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