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Week 9 update

Haven't posted for a few days.

W9R1 on Monday was horrendous, body and mind competing for negative attention but told them both I would ignore them till they behaved better.

W9R2 was much better. Had to run really early as I had to take my daughter on a Uni visit. Had tried to upload some music on Tuesday, and somehow managed to delete all my podcasts so ran with LedZep instead of Laura whilst watching the sun rise, no-one else in site so I sang at the top of my voice and got home ready to face the day. Love Laura, hate her music.

Was explaining my ipod issues to my daughter and had a very condescending teenager show me how to use my new ipod properly (Christmas present). Bite my tongue and watched her repeat the same instructions slower each time. Who knew it does rewind and fast forward, I now feel very stupid and apologise for previous posts. Re-loading the podcasts ready for my final run tomorrow.

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Yes, I find teenagers very useful when it comes to technology but they do like to show how thick they think you are. Never mind, r2 was better than r1 and r3 is bound to be ace.

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