Week 7 run 1 complete, despite brief interruption by the Village People!

Had a slight technical hitch with my iPod this morning. I have - I'm almost scared to say - abandoned Laura, much as I've appreciated her encouragement this far, I much prefer to run to my own music. However for some reason my Nike+ app was shuffling all my iPod music rather than just the playlist I'd set up. Much confusion for the first few songs (did I really put this song on my running playlist?!) and then when YMCA came on - and who knew I had YMCA in my music collection; I certainly didn't - I drew a line and had to stop to sort it out!

But apart from that, and having to briefly sprint up a hill to avoid a car and then spend the next few minutes almost hyperventilating to get my breath back, nothing much else happened and the run was quite enjoyable!!

Better still, it has just started to tip it down so I missed a drenching too :)

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  • Thanks for the chuckle, I love that track (& cheesy music in general), now thinking I must get it :-)

  • That wouldn't make me stop, although the iPod would now be firmly embedded in the hedge where I threw it off!!

  • Haha! I was tempted, it has to be said!! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a bit of cheesy music (evidently, as it seems to be lurking in my music library) but, well, time and a place!

  • Good to hear you had a successful run and avoided the rain, I had drizzle all the way round. Did you miss Laura, or was it easier with some 'decent' music? Assuming you managed to get the music sorted out!

  • I didn't miss her really, as now I have an alert telling me my pace, distance and time every 5 mins. I enjoyed listening to my own music - I'd bought some new songs which I'm saving just for running. I think it helps distract me from the physical exertion!

  • I'd miss Laura I think, she's got me this far. As soon as week 9 is done I'm getting Zombies Run though :)

  • The OCD part of my personality means that I have to complete the programme with Laura right to the end, but I'm looking forward to some decent music in a few week's time! I did wonder on my last run though, if they keep putting the same awful songs on the podcasts as subliminal encouragement: I've had success running to them in previous podcasts, so perhaps they are actually helping me to keep going? No reason for them to have to be so irritating though!

  • I'm the same.The OCD in me means I will have to keep listening,though sometimes I think Laura is having us on saying just one minute to go and it actually exceeds that!

  • I didn't think about that actually Maria, there could be some psychology going on with the song choices! I do feel bad about abandoning the podcasts... but I'm sticking rigidly to the timings and know that if I need the encouraging voice in my ear again I can go back to them. I did struggle with the decision but there was one song (can't remember which one) which helped sway me, as it was pretty bad!

  • I woke up in a cold sweat, after Laura's voice had said "Just five more minutes of Julie and then we'll start again" What a nightmare. But boy does it get you to the finish quick!

    All fiction, but I have questioned the psychology.

  • I don't think that you should feel bad at all - I'm sure that Laura would understand! I admire your ability to go it alone, in fact. Wish I was that brave!

    Keep enjoying it!

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