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Wk1R4 (yes 4)!


After the mishaps surrounding run 3, I did decide to do it again. Got through it. My legs feel fine but I'm not sure how I'll get on with the longer runs as I'm really breathless after 60 seconds. It's not very surprising as I stopped smoking 2 months ago after 30 years regular puffing. Hopefully, it will get better with training.

On the upside, I did throw any expensive electrical items down the loo this time :)

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Well done, it gets easier I promise! Big well done on giving up smoking, I gave up 14 years ago and it was really tough but now I find it really hard to imagine me as a smoker and I was a light up as soon as I sat up in bed kind of girl! You are doing brilliantly.

barmybintGraduate in reply to hel212000

Thanks hel. It took watching my non-smoking mum last 11 weeks from diagnosis of lung cancer to dying to finally kick me up the arse. I'm doing this for me but a bit for her too.

Just noticed a typo in original post - I *didn't* throw any more electrical items down the loo :)


Top tips from a plodder! Breathe deeply and slowly even on the warm up walk and then when you run. Run slowly so that you are never out of breath, so you could even talk to someone running besides you and just plod until the time is up. Speed doesn't matter at all, that can come later, find a comfortable pace and just stick to it! Well done for another successful run! 😀

Congratulations on giving up smoking. If you can give up the fags, you can succeed with Couch25k. Remember to take it slow and steady, and if you have to repeat a week so be it. I am about to start week 8 on Monday, and I found it hard and still do, but I am determined to graduate.

I am nearly 45, suffered a stroke about 11 years ago, hole in heart, asthma and I struggle with getting my breathing under control, but I find when I jog at around 4mph it is more managable.

Hopefully in time I can increase the speed, but for now my only goal is to get through to week 9 and still enjoy the programme.

You can do it barmybint, stay positive, slow it down, you are doing fab xx

Your comment about your phone made me laugh.. :) did you manage to get it working again?

Of course you're breathless... you are running. 😊 lol. Your body needs to get used to this new activity and this program is designed to keep pushing you to the limit, but one you can acheive.

Seriously, just go as slowly as possible and try not to worry about your breathing. We all struggle with this in the beginning and it's something which will fall into place later. Concentrate on your recovery during your walking breaks. I breath out some long slow breaths to calm things down. The program is really good and it does work.

Great that you have stopped smoking that requires huge willpower.

Give Week 2 a go.xx

P.S so sorry to hear about your mum. Yes do this for her. xx


Also interested to know if your high tech equipment survived it's trip to the loo? Or is it still resting in its bed of rice?

Well done with giving up the fags and starting running.


Yeay.. dry phones!

Well done...just take it very slowly and very steadily. You know the form... we all say it.:)

I felt the same on the first week when I started way back.. and I have never smoked.. so I think you are going to be fine!

Just take it gently....you will do this, we are all right behind you!


Well done In getting started. I think you'll find that you'll always feel the same as each week progresses. I know I do. So next week when you run for 90 seconds you won't feel any worse physically than the 60 seconds because you're making progress. you'll find it just as tough but you'll have ran for more time. I hope that makes sense!

Keep going. Repeat each week as many times as you need until you master it! The first couple of weeks are great interval training and worth repeating anyway!


Thanks everyone. I will do w2r1 on Monday eve and see how it goes. The phone survived its dunk in the loo and is completely unscathed ☺


I agree with everyone about the breathing and the taking it slow. I run with a black lab for company and when we first started (last September) she used to look up at me as if to say "Well it's not really running is it, more of a shuffle eh?". It slowly got easier and slightly quicker, but as everyone tells you, it's not about speed. Really use the walking bits to breathe in deep through the nose and exhale through the mouth. I breathe in to the count of 8 and exhale to the same. Well done for giving up smoking - as someone else said, if you can do that, you can certainly do C25K.

I hope you are enjoying running. That was the bit that surprised me most!

Best wishes Jill


Don't think about runs down the line! Just think about the one immediately in front of you. A little bit at a time. Go SLOW!!! That way you won't run out of puff. Relax and have fun

Good luck


You're doing great Maggie - well done.

Incidentally, I'm volunteering as a helper with our lunchtime C25K beginners club at work - we've just done the infamous Week 5 - and one of the ladies is a smoker who is trying to cut down and get fit. She struggled in Week 1, but once she slowed down a bit, she's had no problems at all. She was very apprehensive about Friday's run, but she got through it fine and was absolutely thrilled - it was a delight to see :-)

You'll be that lady in 4 weeks time - trust me :-)



I'm a bit worried about all the slow down comments, if I go any slower, I'll stop moving! Anyway, onwards and upwards, I won't know what week 2 is like until I try it, so won't panic.


Well done on giving up smoking -

I'm sure the running will get better with time and perseverance - this website is full of people that breezed through c25K first time and others who took a lot, lot longer - and really, it doesn't matter. One run at a time and you are building up your fitness and massively improving your health.

Good luck with keeping up the running and keeping off the ciggies!


Well done on packing the fags in ! Stopping smoking and doing this programme are two of the best decisions Ive ever made :-)

I was a complete addict, I couldnt imagine being able to function without a fag , that is how powerful this addiction can grip you . Ive been stopped now for 4 years this year . I smoked for 30 + years . Once I got over the urge to wrestle anyone to the ground who was holding a fag and taking it off 'em , I was okay !

You have kicked the fags into touch, you can do this !

Good Luck ! :-) xxx


Mirroring what everyone else says here, it does get easier. I'm asthmatic and after W1R3 I nearly ended up in hospital. I almost didn't do week 2 for that reason. 13 weeks later I was running 10k with no breathing difficulties. W5R3 is the turning point. Its the scary run that everyone fears. When you get there (and you will, and you will be scared) forget that you were ever a smoker. Your body is ready, it's just your mind that isn't.

I did C25K about 4 years ago now. I don't run any more due to a genetic ankle problem, but I do still ride 45 miles a week. The cardiovascular work you are doing this week will serve you for the rest of your life if you let it!


Thank you Farmelle, it's good to hear how others managed it and your story is amazing! If I get anywhere near your achievement, I'll be delighted. :D


OK - I take it ALL back. I thought about my walking pace (as first half of first walk is up a very steep hill) and actually slowed that down a little. This meant that I still had some puff for the jogging. I did it! It was easier than Week 1. I promise to listen to you guys in the future - you've been there and done that.

So happy - off for a nice long soak :)

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