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Couch to 5K
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Yes, Yes, Yes. W2R3 in the bag 😊

I am so stoked tonight, after finishing week two, and tonight wast half as bad as Wednesday.

I run at 10.5Km/hour and walk at 6Km/hour. Wasn't out of breath at any point and my heart beat never got above 150, and always dropping back to 100(ish) for the brisk walk.

Can't say as a particularly looking forward to Sunday and W3R1, but I'm not worried by it.

My local wildlife park are having a 5km run mid October, raising funds for the animals, I'm considering putting my name down ... and stepping up to the challenge ...

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Sounds like you are going great guns with a great attitude.

If you sign up for the 5k, do make sure you have done some running outdoors beforehand......it is very different to a treadmill.

Do you have your dreadmill set to a gradient to better synthesise running outdoors? It makes the transition easier.

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Thanks for the kind words Ian, and yes I do have the dreadmill set on an incline, only to 2% but it adds that bit of extra pain that will be beneficial later on I'm hoping ...

I'm guessing I should be on Week7 by the time of the run, so easy does it, and don't be ashamed to walk some is my thinking ... and collect a medal for passing the finish tape ...

I don't think it's unrealistic, is it?

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Well done you... no need to worry....slow and steady does it:)

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Thanks Floss, I think I might actually get there, wherever there actually is ... πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚

Steady away ...

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It is 30 minute runs.. and then wherever you want to travel next:)

Your journey... your way :)


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