Failed week 5 run 3.... The curse of the shin splints

Just attempted week 5 run 3 (in the rain) and my shin splints got so painful at 11 minutes I had to stop and couldn't walk... Frustration is high, I stopped stretched tried to carry on but my head was out the game completely and I stopped after another 4 mins.

I've got a 5k in 3 weeks :/. I suppose rest day and try the 20 minute run again?

I never thought I'd become one of these people who becomes upset/frustrated about running...


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9 Replies

  • You will be better resting for a week or so. Icing your shins regularly and elevating as well. Maybe try compression socks. It took me a few weeks to eventually get rid of shin splints. Slow down and take it easy for a bit.

  • Good advise from samsonandrew :) rest and recover as frustrating as that is

  • I had the same issue and I rested for a week and when I went back to running, I only ran on soft ground, my legs feel strong and so far so good. Rest is the only thing to do and then love your legs even more than before and be kind to them! Julie

  • Eek! Sorry but I have to agree with the advise given above. Shin splints can take a while to settle and are an injury you cannot run through as you can make them worse. I know that is so tough to hear but samsonandrew was spot on 😐. I do hope they settle down soon for you.

  • Ouch, so sorry to hear that. Shin splints are never fun, and having an injury so close to a race is a royal pain in the backside. If you can, try to follow Julie's advice about running on soft ground (after you've given them as much RICE as you can). Best of luck!

  • What are you doing in terms of strengthening exercises for your lower leg muscles to prevent recurrence?

    RICE will treat the symptoms, but not the cause, and the cause is the muescles need ing strengthening.

  • If you have shin splints you may well have to stop running completely for a while. It's so debilitating. I lost 9 months out of last year because of it.

    I waited ages to see an NHS physio but it was worth it. Cured it by not running and doing strengthening exercises for the legs, mainly the calves. I thought I'd broken my leg, such was the pain.

    It's caused by doing too much too soon. Before the legs have had chance to get strong enough to support our running

    I hope yours is not so bad but you'll have to run slower and I'd seriously think about not racing. I missed loads of races. It's annoying but you can end up with a stress fracture if you're not careful

    Take care

  • I posted some links to exercises some time ago here - and they do work, I've had shin splints so am talking from personal experience

  • Thanks guys, its just a bit of a blow. the whole point of this couch to 5k is doing this 5k with 6 friends (all are runners) to get me to run.

    I'm going to rest up for a few days I've been doing stretches all day in a hope they'll calm down

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