week two done but I've had a weeks break

Hi all

This week I have been in terrible pain with my tooth (it's been like torture!!) and I have been decorating the kitchen.......

Any how I've had a week off (I feel really guilty) next week I can only fit in two runs so I was thinking I might redo Wk2R2 and R3 to get me back into it then hopefully I have 3/4 weeks without anything getting in the way.

Or do you think I should just move on to Wk3 R1?

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  • Do wk2 r3 and see how it feels , if you feel ok move on if not repeat , really it is down to how you feel :)

    Hope your toothache has well and truly gone :)

  • thank you, good idea - I think I think I have to keep week to weeks but as long as I just move on the next run I should stop worrying that I might do Wk2R3 and Wk3R1in the same week .

    The toothache is definitely getting better - the first morning of not being woken in pain :-) back to the dentist this afternoon and then to the hospital next week with it.

  • If it makes it easier for you to keep to running the week in a week that is fine, really there are no hard n fast rules as everyone is different ,

    Do it your way and what ever works for you :)

    Glad your toothache is starting to feel better :)

  • I think see how the run feels, if you feel ready to bump it up a little, then move on, but you're in no rush, so if you want to repeat the week, that's nothing to feel ashamed of. Whatever you choose to do, good luck :-) And I hope that your toothache goes away soon!!

  • Toothache...horrid. Glad you are getting it sorted,,, do the run and see how it feels..you will know what is right for you :)

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