Had a 4 week break?

Hi all x I have had to take a 4 week break from c25k and I was on week 6 run 2!! My Uncle(who I have looked after for the last 2 yrs passed away on Monday) so I am unsure where to start back on the plan? I had been doing it all on the treadmill, but as the weather is getting a little warmer, wondering whether to try outside, but not sure to start from week 1? Help please?? xx

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  • I had an enforced 4 week break after a car crash then unrelated operation/infection - i only did a few walks, then went back from where I had finished (beginning week four) to week 3 when I restarted, found I coped with week 3 ok and hadn;t lost any of my fitness - I was very happy and surprised! I then continued with no problems until I got tonsilitus so had another 10 day break ( was running every other day without fail) but again, just did one week of where I had finished then carried on.

    Definitely try running outside - I have only done one run on the treadmill and found it odd to not be moving and seeing different things; there is plenty of spring blooming now ( if you can see through the rain and snow!

    Good luck! :-)

  • Yes, I agree with Poppy, have a little go and see how you feel. You may be very pleasantly surprised. Good luck.

  • I agree too - if I'm not too late! I'd start at W5R1 and take it from there. You won't have lost much fitness in 4 weeks.

    Good luck! :-)

  • I completed the 9 weeks last summer and could do 5k in 42 minutes and then had a 6 month break!! I decided to start again from the beginning but could do weeks 1 - 3 in the first three runs and then did W4R1 and went straight into week 5 and did run one with no problem at all. During the 6 months off I have been walking regularly, this must have helped a lot. I have never run on a treadmill, but given the continued horrible weather I might try - what do people think about treadmills?

  • Thank you all for you replies xxx was uncles funeral today so hopefully be back on track later in the week! Will keep you updated . Thank you again xx

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