Week8 run1 treadmill thanks to snow and ice

Week8 run1 treadmill thanks to snow and ice

We are snowed in again so this was a treadmill run. I could have kept going longer but didn't. I'm still getting the hang of the speed it should be set etc. I had it on 3.5 and 4, but it feels so different to running outside that I have no idea if that was right I might even be running out of synch with the belt, I just don't know. I feel pretty good now though.


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13 Replies

  • Well done Flick

  • Well thank you kind sir!

  • No you're doing very nicely and moving through the program well

  • Thank you. I had a wobble the other day when I couldnt complete the run and felt totally drained. I still kind of dread my outside runs here because of the hills. Sometimes I want to make excuses not to go. I know it’s brilliant training to have to run hills all the time, but it’s so exhausting and relentless. Still, they are MY hills so I shall persevere.

    I still have the vision in my head of you running decked in fairy lights😂

  • what area are you in (general location) with it being so hilly, I was lucky enough to find a relatively level trail to do my c25k on though have since moved on to running hills as I can't avoid them forever and am slowly finding them easier.

    Glad you liked the lights run, have done a couple more since then lol and will probably get decked up for new years eve

    Oh and we can all have wobbles and bad runs xx

  • I'm in Chipping Norton. We live on top of a hill. The flattest bit in the town still has up and down bits. When the evenings get lighter, I shall go out to the roads leading out of town, that are flatter but unlit.

    I find the hills easier now, well no choice really.

    You are very brave running lit up. Most of re hoping NOT to be noticed LOL.

  • that was my point, I wanted to show that we don't need to be embarrassed by what we look like, we are all awesome

  • You are so right. but you look great anyway, like a proper runner, like you mean business!

  • thank you, looks can be deceiving lol

  • I think that 3.5/4 is mph not kph looking at these stats!

  • Oh! LOL. Or else I'm outrunning the belt, which is more than possible...

  • Hey Flick

    I'm not too familiar with the treadmill, I used one in the gym, but it was just on time and a slow to medium speed. So I can't offer any help, lol. Which app are you using in your pic? It's easy on the eye, I like that one. Good luck with the treadmill x

  • I HATE the dreadmill...but needs must...It spoils me for outside as it's so easy to run on it without getting out of breath :( The big gym and running shop dreadmills are much easier as more room to stretch out, but I'm getting used to mine.

    The app is Garmin Connect.I have a Garmin watch. It connects with Strava and send my runs there too.

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