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Technophobia is not so bad

Week 8 run 2.

Well curiosity got the better of me and I decided to see how far I've been running. Yesterday I sat at my pc plotting runs and was disappointed to see I was only running an average of 2.4miles, it certainly feels longer than that while I'm out running. I plotted some extra turns around the half way point and got to the desired 3.1mile point. (Yes I still use old money distance),

Now I'm not good with measurements so decided to run the extra bits to physically see how far away from 5k I am when physically looking along the pathway, just to gain some sense of perspective.

I set out this morning with the wind in my face and soon found my stride, I ran the extra bits and was on my way back when Laura told me I had run for 20 minutes and had 10 to go. "No I haven't" I shouted back at her annoyed at her stupidity as I took the ipod out of my pocket to check what was happening. Penny dropping slowly.

Now those who know me will be aware that the warm up takes a little over 5 minutes some days depending upon how often the dog needs to sniff etc and how busy the main road is, so I'm in the habit of pausing Laura after the warm up until I get to my start point. Well, you have probably guessed, yes I had paused Laura this morning and must have hit the forward button because I was listening to the podcast for week 9 not week 8.

Putting the ipod back into my pocket, I hit the stop button "aaaarrrggh". Annoyed at Laura, my ipod, me and the world in general, I carried on running, and running and running having no idea of the time and no music to entertain me but I ran right to the end of the pathway.

As I stopped I just shouted excitedly "I've just run my first ever 5K". I must have had a huge grin on my face as a dog walk I had passed shouted "well done" and gave me an enormous smile. As I bounced, skipped and jumped back home, I met two more people to whom I also announced my victorious news and accepted their congratulations.

I don't even care how long it took, I've done it and I'm ready to take on the world!!

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Really well done and congrats on your 5k :) I am not surprised you had a huge smile and rightly so .

Tech is ok , great for stats etc but running with out is just as good, going more by how you feel .

This will give you even more confidence now to go on and graduate in style :)

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Of course you are! Well done. Congratulations

I use Goodrunguide for plotting my runs. It's ace for finding new routes, using satellite or footpath mode, and you can even toggle between the two. You are represented as a little runner so you can keep track of where you are. I love it

Finding new routes keeps your running new and fresh. Have fun!

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Thank you so much, just had a quick look and I can see hours of fun ahead. I must admit I am getting a tiny bit obsessed with running and all things related.

Am a little concerned that someone has posted a 37 mile run.....isn't that a car journey?

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Go you.. well done..and it is perfectly acceptable to scare dog walkers.. only joking!

You should be pleased...!

I just tootle along, check my distance, but don't worry about stats.. I just enjoy the run...

you do what feels right for you.. and clearly you are having a wonderful time! :)

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You don't just enjoy the runs, you let everyone else enjoy your runs as well when you post such wonderfully poetic descriptions. The thought of you singing as you run mad me laugh out loud.

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Yep.. I have that effect on an awful lot of folks... but so much better than making them sad!

Looking forward to your next post too! :)


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