Week 8 Run 1 - Whoop!

So this morning I have got 2 kids up and ready for school/nursery, done the school run, put in 3 loads of washing, vacuumed, tidied up a million toys, been shopping... oh yes and I ran for 28 minutes and covered 4.1km !!!!

It's windy out there but I did it! I find running with my own music much easier and I remembered to set the 'power song' on the ipod Nike+ so when I got to the last 2 minutes I hit the button and 'Ace of Spades' helped me power to the finish. I didn't even care that there were a few blokes out cutting the grass and they stopped to watch me go past - when I finished and punched the air one of them even shouted 'well done' so hopefully they were staring in appreciation of my athleticism, not my wobbly bits...

Now it's time for a quick shower, spot of lunch and hope my red face is back to a normal shade before I have to pick up my daughter from nursery in half an hour :)


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  • Nice one, great post ;)

  • High five to another busy domestic engineer today! I've done much the same, minus the appreciation from any men. Oh well ....

  • Yeah, you rock, girl! I say bugger the washing, and get out there and run :-D The only male attention I've had so far today was a compliment from my retired neighbor, who tells me I'm shaping up nicely from this running malarky. I bet your admirers were young, fit and worthy of diet Coke adverts. Sigh.

  • let's just pretend they were, that way everyone's happier ;)

  • Superwoman !

  • Wow ! Well done Roly, you got it all going on,Girlfriend ! :-)

    I was aubergine coloured when I came back from my run on Sunday !

    Mind you , I am suffering from hot flushes and night sweats too .

    God, sometimes its hard to be a woman ! Pah ! :-) xxx

  • Inspiring!! well done :D

  • Sounds like my day too, dropped kids at school, went food shopping then ran for 30 mins to the next village along, then walked the same route back home before having my lunch and going to collect the kids from school. Great feeling. To get so much done

  • It is a great feeling, in fact I think I get more done on 'run days'!

  • Well done! It's amazing how much you can do and still find time to fit in a run when you really want to isn't it?! I start work at 8.30am, so have fallen in to the routine of getting up early to run before work - much to my colleagues amazement! I work in a pretty emotionally demanding environment (kids with emotional problems) and then return to my own children at the end of the day, and all the associated business of family life. I really find that fitting in running has helped me manage my own stress. I'm sure others would agree.

  • Wow lady! you have my total admiration, especially as I am pants at getting up any earlier than 7am! I'm glad the running is helping with the stress management, something you must need so much with your job. I've definitely found it a great way to clear my mind out and help me gain perspective on things.

  • It really does, which is important 'cos I do love my job... and I have Friday's off so thats my 'catch up' day!

  • Snap!! Uncanny, almost! Except no daughters for me, I have 2 boys.

    Also, no male appreciation :-( Pretty sure I'm full-on scowling for all but the first 5 minutes so it's not too surprising I suppose ;-)

    Well done - I'm planning on doing W8R2 tomorrow - still dogging your heels ... :-)

  • Woooo you - super well done. Right - mine's off to nursery, just time stuff some washing in the machine then it's time for my run. Big hurray to us super mums (and dads of course!)

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