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Wk 7 run 1 - the hardest so far...

I am so proud to have got this far, but worried that it doesn't feel any 'easier'. I left a two day gap between wk6r3 and wk7r1, so perhaps that was the issue. It was also very, very cold, although lovely and sunny. I felt shattered the minute I started and never felt at ease. I did complete the run though, but not sure I am actually doing more than jogging at a walking pace! Haven't checked my speed yet as I don't want to be too disillusioned at my progress!

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Nothing to be disillusioned about! You are at week 7 that is something to proud about.

Don't worry about your speed or pace you can work on that once you graduate.

We all run at our own pace and completing the timed runs is all you need to do and you are doing that. Ok some maybe harder than others but that is running , dont dwell on it, take your rest day or days and relax the next one you will go out and nail :)

Keep at it nearly there now and won't that be something to celebrate :D


You say that it doesnt seem any easier... so if you went out and ran 60 seconds or 90 seconds it would be as challenging as it was in W1 and W2?

Your progress has nothing to do with speed. This is not a speed programme. You have progressed from being able to run for 60 seconds at a time to running 25+ minutes at a time.


But you completed it, despite how tough it felt! You should feel very proud of that and don't worry about pace for now. If you look back 6 weeks, did you really feel you'd be running for 25 minutes? How amazing is that! Onwards :)


Thanks folks. Sensible and supportive as usual!

I must be a runner - rather than looking on shoe websites I am looking for a running jacket!!


Yes, this running lark has given me a whole new shopping experience....


You did it! I've come to accept (finally) that it's not meant to feel easy. Each step in the programme pushes you a bit further out of your comfort zone meaning that it's a real accomplishment when you complete it. Be proud! X


Thanks, I'll try! How are you doing? Glad I ran yesterday - it has poured all day here!


Well done for completing the run, you are doing great. Agree with the others completely that some are better than others, all are a challenge in their own way and you've made brilliant progress, so be nice to yourself! :) keep it up x


You are doing just fine..look where you are!

Speed as everyone says is not what it is about.. :)


Great words everyone.


Run 2 was even tougher! I had to stop halfway to take off a layer as I got too hot. It felt a real slog all way round.

I suffer badly from health anxiety and took up running in the hope that being fit would help = it does help hugely, but unfortunately the fact that the runs seem to be getting harder doesn't help - I have to swallow down the feeling that it is because I really do have something serious wrong! Have done 3 x 25 min runs now and the last was the worst!!!

Will press on with wk 7 r3 on Saturday.


Bugger. I'm only averaging 8.65 min/km!! Is that even classed as running??? Please tell me somebody else is that slow!! I ran for 25 minutes and only covered just under 3km!!


Pep talk: you can do this, ucandothis. :)

You are at quite a tricky time in the c25k.

Every run now is continuous and I can remember thinking 'oh its going to be really hard from now on'. BUT... as you carry on doing these runs wk 7,8,9 you will notice differences. Your breathing may come a bit easier (part way in)..

Your legs seem to be working by themselves. You feel more relaxed and confident. In order to acheive this though you should start running as slowly as you can cos' you are going to need more in reserve...

As for feeling dissapointed with your speed/distance DON'T BE..

My last run was for 35 minutes and I averaged 8.18 min kh overall distance was just under 5k running (5.1 including warm up and down). I was quite pleased with that.

Your speed for 25 mins is fine, you dont want to be running faster..just for longer.

When you can run comforably for 30 mins each time (which will happen soon)

then take a look to see what distance you cover....

You are doing so well. Run slow and proud. You have achieved so much already and the best is yet to come. :) :)

Sorry to nag. x

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Please don't worry, speed at this stage is really not important , it really isn't :-)

You are doing the runs , you are a runner !

You can work on speed if you wish AFTER you've graduated and only if YOU want to.

You are doing brilliantly, please don't compare yourself to others , compare yourself to how you were before you started the programme and see how far you have come !

Good Luck and keep going ! :-) xxx

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Thanks so much - just the pep talks I needed! I love this forum, it always gets me back on track! xx

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