W4R1 done. I feel fantastic!

First of all I would like to thank everyone who gave me support on my last post.

Tonight was great! I took it slow like everyone said :) I felt like I should have had some Strava PBs at the end but only had a 2nd best 2 miles, which is understandable because like I said I took it slow.

Laura told me when I had a minute left "If you're flagging, keep jogging". I went "naaah I'm gonna run!" and I did! Not sprinting, but a lot faster pace than the rest of the run.

I just can't believe I've gone from struggling to finish a 1 minute run to running 16mins out of 32!

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  • Making good progress :) It's amazing how your fitness levels keep on improving throughout this programe, as you are discovering ;) Continued success and good luck :)

  • I thought running 1 continuous minute was hard in the first week and now I am running 5 minutes straight. 16 minutes in total.!! Never thought I'd get here......looking forward to the next few weeks to see my progress too!

  • Looks like we're about the same amount through the programme, we can spur each other on!

  • well done you will be a graduate before you know it! You can do it keep on listening to Laura!

  • Brilliant, it is such a fab plan and it is great to feel that achievement of progress.....it's a real buzz. Happy running.

  • The beauty of the plan! This stuff works! Well done you. Who knows where this will go?!!!

  • Well done, it brings with it such a feeling of well being and pride. Enjoy your next run.

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