Still at it, going great :)

So, I completed W1 having run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday last week. I took everyone's advice on board and 'ran' up the hills! M and W were pretty slow but on Friday my husband came out with me. I think I upped my pace too much and felt very dizzy half way through the 5 minute cool down. I think I was hyperventilating as I felt like I couldn't get a breath, everything was spinning and it shook me up a bit. Consequently I was a bit anxious about W2R1 yesterday (I run alone in a remote forest). I took it slowly and steadily and it was fine. No real dizziness and I felt good all day. I still can't imagine running for even 5 minutes but I have complete faith in the program and all of you in this community.

And guess what? I met a lady out cycling yesterday as I was doing my cool down stretches. She looked very fit and very pro and asked what I was up to. I told her and she was very encouraging. She didn't laugh!!!! Yayyyyy :)


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  • Fantastic run. Definitely sounds like hyperventilating before - it sounds counter intuitive but if you're struggling to get your breath like that breath OUT fully before you breath in again and try and slow it right down.

  • Well done - thats brilliant! Know how you feel about the 5 min thing - I couldn't either but Laura and this forum have got me there and I've just done my first 5 min runs so you will get to it :-). I am very slow and dread to think what I look like but I don't care anymore. I waited for 3 weeks to tell people I was doing this because I thought they would laugh - but everyone's been really encouraging - Good luck on week 2 :-)

  • Well done for getting back out there after that. You've already worked if out yourself - if you struggle then make sure you slow down or give the hills a miss (if possible).

    We all felt like you feel now about being able to run for lengths of time and we've all achieved it! Not just 5 mins, you will soon be running 30 :)

  • Slow, steady and embrace the hills... and the wind... and the rain...:) But...very, very well done... :)

    Always remember.. key thought.. " it does not matter how slowly you go... as long as you do not stop". Clearly Confucius was a runner :)

  • I'm definitely embraced by the rain. It's way too hot otherwise. And I'm learning to embrace the hills; living in Cornwall it's futile to resist them!

    Thanks @oldfloss.

  • Yep.. even 'flat' roads are hilly.. it is the same around here.. Cornwall.. beautiful!

  • Of course she didn't laugh, most people I've told have been really respectful of my choice to run, and most wish they ran too! You'll be surprised how interested people become when they see how great you look and feel, prepare yourself for lots of questions. :-)

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