I have germs!!!!!!!

Hi All,

I've got the bloody lurgy! After my 6.6km accidental run on Saturday I have been feeling worse and worse as the time's gone on! I'm feeling achy and shattered! Typical as it's half term and I have a week off. My plan was to do some form of exercise every day! So far I've been up and down the stairs and that's been about it! So, my plan isn't to run now until Monday next week. That'll give me enough time to rest up and get better again! I need to get a good cold and get it out!

I always end up poorly in the holidays. I think it's where I stop when I'm so used to being so busy!

Oh well, hope everyone is doing good out there! :-)

Elsie xxx


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10 Replies

  • Sorry to hear you are feeling below par :(

    Take care,rest and look after yourself and feel better soon :)

  • Thanks Rob! xxx

  • Isn't that just typical, being poorly when you gave time off work!

    Feel better soon.

  • I know, it's always the way! I had kids coughing and spluttering over me all term....nothing......holiday...........bam! Haha! x

  • Did you overdo it on your longer run? I often find if I exhaust myself too much I get a cold. It's very odd, but it happens regularly. I first noticed it when swimming. But it's happened with cycling and running as well. After my greatest achievement, my longest distance, my fastest time I will fall sick. And it starts almost immediately. It's as if the viruses are lurking on my skin and attack as soon as I'm over tired.

    It's part of the reason why I'm apprehensive about all these long runs. But so far so good.

  • Oh poor you! Half term lurgy should be a recognised occupational health hazard. Your long run could definitely have contributed, as Jayseeskinny said, but so could any number of things from fetching the washing in in the cold, to the person who sneezed near you in the supermarket. Whatever the cause, stay warm and toasty, drink tea, watch mouldy old movies on the telly and, with a bit of luck, you'll be fighting fit again soon. :)

  • Elsie.. big hug...poor you!

    Typical... we, too, used to break up for the hols and within two days.. get something dire! As you say.. all term.. not a sausage...

    Feel better soon and make sure you are really well before venturing out again :)

  • Thanks for the support! I think I was knackered before my long run on Saturday. Might have just made things hurry up a bit!

    I went to a funeral today which was hard but tomorrow and Friday, I'm having a new haircut, afternoon tea at a posh hotel in Bournemouth and gait analysis and new shoes hopefully Friday. Time to chill out and enjoy the last couple of days of the holidays.

    E xxx

  • Take it easy and pamper yourself a bit. We seem able to battle on through the stress but as soon as we have the chance to unwind, our immune system relaxes its guard and WHAM attack. You'll be back running soon :)

  • Hi Elsie, hope you feel better soon. New running shoes for Monday eh? Sounds great...you have earned them. :)

    Take care x

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