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Sooo unfit!

I started the 025k this morning with my 12yr old daughter and I was horrified as to how unfit I really am! I am 50, about 3 stone overweight and gave up smoking 5 months ago. My daughter really wants to support me and do the course as well as she wants to be better at running (she is tall and slim but could do with being a bit stronger) The problem could be us both finding time to do it together what with her school, my job and an eight year old who will need minding. Hubby leaves for work at 6.15 and back about 7.30pm. Anyone found ways around this and have some tips on fitting in the 3 runs?

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Well done on deciding to start.

Not sure what advice to offer on fitting in the runs other than going out late when hubby is back and making sure one falls on a weekend? Could your 8yr old come too, maybe riding their bike?

My hubby is going to be working away soon and I'm in a similar situation with nobody to look after my 4 year old (and he can't ride a bike yet!) So I think I'll just have to run on a weekend for a while 😞


Well done on doing the hardest part and starting :)

Everyone's life is different, it is a difficult balancing act .

Just run when you can , it doesn't matter if there is more than 1 day in between runs

It is a question of finding a routine that works for you and fits around your family and work etc


Good for you!! Great that you and your daughter want to do it together - I was going to say what Pumkin said - can your son go on his bike with you?

Good luck!

(And what a great role model for your children!!)


My shifts are all over the place - I have scheduled my runs to fit in with the free time I have and stick to the schedule. It's 35ish minutes every two/three days - just find the times that are available to suit your family demands.


Get your 8 yr old to join in too ?


well done getting started

cant really help with the juggling - but sounds like you may need to encourage your 8 year old to join in too - bribery may work if they're not keen!


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