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My most successful, yet disappointing run ever

The run was horrible. Gremlins all day, hot, sticky, humid - yuck. Finally dragged me out of the door and drove to the park - no spaces so had to park much further away.

Finally started the run and nah, it wasn't going anywhere. Legs all akimbo, stomping, out of breath and too hot before I even started.

I convinced myself to keep going thinking I would stop about the first couple of K but kept going to the halfway point. I did realise after the first K that I was going far too fast but my heart rate, cadence and legs were all fine.

Reached the halfway point and stopped to get my breath back and returned at a much slower pace.

After about a K on the return I just gave up...except my legs wouldn't and just kept going. I decided to forget about heart rate, cadence, speed etc. and just keep my legs running, no matter how slowly.

So all in all, a pretty disappointing run.

However, when you stop the watch presents a 'post run' analysis including records. Turned out I had 3 PRs:

- fastest 1K at 6:48

- fastest mile at 11:15

- fastest 5K at 38:17

So that's nice!

Just goes to show, well, I'm not sure really :-). It was certainly a lot of effort and I felt that effort, but ignoring the gremlins and Just. Keep. Going. It's all good.

And, even more importantly, the calories lost was more than the Chocolate Caramel Bar I shoved down my throat earlier (daytime gremlins): (


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Why so disappointed? You met the gremlins, but you beat them. Well done for not quitting, bu the squat penalty has not been cancelled.


Well done you... but I have to tell you that chocolatey yukkiness is lurking in your body...think Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Augustus Gloop! :)

Seriously, well done on your PBs...but I agree with PippiRuns squat penalty is needed :)

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Well done, sounds like a success to me. It can be a massive mental battle.

I'm struggling with breathing when I run at the moment, and I can't quite work out if it's the atmospheric conditions or my mind, or both.... ah well... we're getting out :-)

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I think that choc helped you keep going after all you couldnt stop your run and eat chocolate all in one day. That would be far too bad. Well done for beating those gremlins. Yatesco 1 Gremlins 0

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Wow, sounds like a huge achievement to me and you sound like a professional athlete being so hard on yourself! I aspire to run as well as this run, so a genuine very well done from me...

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Gremlin mastery! The harder it was, the bigger the achievement but roll on autumn, eh? I do like summer but for runners hot weather is the pits.

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