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Late Chichester 10k post!

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'Twas a lovely sunny Sunday - when I ran the Chichester 10k last weekend!

I met up with the fab Frank, Aliboo and Paul - so friendly and was great to meet some other c25kers.

The route was generally flat with a sprinkling of "inclines " which is always a worrying term!! But it felt great to be out running in the sunshine .

My time was 1hr 10 which was ok for me although I was hoping to be under the 10 but wasn't to be .

My husband , friend and our two boys met us at the finish and after a few photos with the c25k gang we wandered around Chichester and had a gorgeous roast in the cathedral cafe- a perfect day πŸ˜‰

11 Replies

Was great meeting you Caroline. Think we all enjoyed the run except that last hill at 8 km :) . Look forward to us all meeting up at a run again in the future . Good to hear your husband is making a great recovery from his injuries too. Both lovely people. Keep on running :) x

Caroline69Graduate in reply to paulb67

Aww, thanks Paul, was great to meet up . Yes, looking forward to catching up again soooon x


Lovely picture and well done on your 10k! Looks like you had great weather too...which is a little unusual of late!

Caroline69Graduate in reply to Sandraj39

It was a beautiful day, thanks Sandra πŸ˜‰


Helloooooooo! Great pic & fab to see you're still at it! :-) well done on your run. Not een brave enough to take part in an event....yet, but still at this running thing x

Caroline69Graduate in reply to Tikiczocky

Ahhh, my old friend Tiki !!!

How the devil are you ?

Yep. I'm still 'at it', and glad you are too - it's a good thang! Xxxx

Well done Caroline! it was lovely to meet you! glad you had a lovely lunch in the Catherdral! see you at an IOW event soon i hope?! there a muddy cross country at Smallbrook next Sunday! good muddy fun! and childrens races too! :)

Caroline69Graduate in reply to aliboo70

Haha,muddy cross country at smallbrook you say?? You've made that sound almost fun!? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

aliboo70 in reply to Caroline69

it is! very squelchy!! but quite amusing!



Woo Hoo Caro ! Look at you Gurll ! :-)

Lovely photo and great to hear you had a brilliant day ! :-)

Every day Im Shuff- er- ling ! :-) Ha ha xxx

As usual I'm playing catch up! But it was lovely to meet you and your hubby after missing each other last year. It was a great day and I throughly enjoyed the run. Ali and Paul are lovely aren't they, unfortunately you never had a chance to meet Boz but I'm sure you will at another event. People on this forum are so friendly it's a real pleasure to be part of, hopefully we will be able to meet again at another event, enjoy whats left of your Sunday! 😊

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