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On the IC (not running related)


I've been on the injury couch for just over two weeks. I was a bit of a silly a@se and fell over, sustaining a fracture to my elbow. Ouch!

It's now out of the sling (didn't need a cast as it was a stable fracture) so I've been cracking on with the physio exercises like nobody's business - want to get as much pre-injury movement/flexion back as possible. It''s still a bit sore and stiff but at least I can finally tie my own laces and lift a fork to my mouth

Have been told by the physio I can run again in a couple of weeks, so I'm on days, hours, minutes, seconds, nano seconds countdown. I only graduated in December and was making good progress, so can't wait to get back out there....I've missed it!!!

Happy running peeps!

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Goodness...sounds horrid and great that you are, quite literally, on the mend!

You will get back, quicker than you think.

I was so worried, graduated at Christmas, started Couch to 5K+ for two weeks... simply wonderful...then Bronchitis! Not as nasty as a fracture...but still pretty awful. Four weeks later I started with a couple of brisk walks and only started running again last week and it is my third repeat run out this week. (This morning) But, when I felt up for it, over my illness, I did the strength and flex exercises to stay supple.

I missed it so much too, but, as everyone said on here, you don't lose your fitness that quickly.. they were right... although I am still being a tad careful. ( Old grey snail that I am) !

You are obviously doing everything right and well on the way to being out there again.

Hope it all goes well and keep us posted when you are up and running... so to speak :)

boogie991Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Floss. Sorry to hear that you've been under the weather as well, but great that you're back out there. I've been doing quite a bit of walking in the last couple of weeks and am looking forward to trying the 5k+ podcasts once I've settled back into running.


Oh dear, what a flippin nuisance. You must be much miffed. Still, you're on the mend and will soon be back on the road. It's amazing just how much we use our arms when we run so you can't rush things.

When you do finally get back into your running shoes the return will be oh so sweet.

Good luck

boogie991Graduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks Miss W. Yep, my running shoes have been counting down the weeks and days too.

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