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Third set of week one

I listen to laura so I have repeated week 1 three times. It has been great as I am actually breaking a sweat. Enjoying this so much. I love. Reading all the comments

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well done - keep going x


Well done , you are on your way now :)


Brilliant.. lovely that you are posting... well done on Week 1..slow and steady!

You are on the way now..:)


Week 1. The repeat that I too must do. I have been couch locked with yet more injuries.

I'm concerned I'm subconsciously breaking stuff to stay warm and snug??!

Making my own personal A to Z of medical ailments.

I am always motivated by this site. No matter how far you are on their journey. Keep posting and keep going.



Well done !

Keep going, youre doing great ! :-)

Keep posting , as it really helps in keeping you focused and motivated .

Good Luck ! :-) xxx


Oh yes, listen to Laura, she won't let you down! Well done on your progress, in just a few weeks you'll be sitting in the grad lounge enjoying your badge x


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