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Week 1 run 2 - foot trouble

I am a newbie to c25k having only done two runs so far. I have to admit I nearly talked myself out of today's run in favour of giving my couch a little attention. I managed to get up and complete the second run of week one though. It was a strange one today. My legs started feeling really heavy about half way through but then it seemed to ease off and get more manageable towards the end.

The problem I did have though was sadly with my feet. My left foot has an ugly bunion on it and it was actually really sore today. Does anyone else have experience of this? Any ideas on how to alleviate the pain?

Excited to do my final run and then move on to week 2.


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Well done on getting out for your second run. Your legs will feel heavy at the beginning but with more running they'll eventually feel lighter.

Sorry I can't give you advice on the bunion but I'm sure this has come up before. If you put "bunion" in the search tab on the right then you'll see loads of posts and replies about this. Good luck!


My legs felt unbelievably heavy but then I was quite unfit. But I had, and still have, the same experience that I felt more energetic towards the end than the beginning. It is something to do with the different energy systems in the body.

PLEASE dont' give up. I wasn't even sure why I started in the first place...always hated running. But having felt like death at the end of 90 sec at the beginning, here am I in week 6 and yesterday I just ran 22 minutes non-stop - a lifetime first for me.

At the start I couldn't get myself motivated and I ran maybe once a week - I probably skipped the odd week, too. I just did the next run regardless, never repeated or started over because I didn't know any better.

Even 'abusing' it this way, the programme still works and each time it makes you increase, even dramatically, how long you run, despite your disbelief you can somehow magically manage to keep running just that long.

Have faith! :)


Well done for getting out there. It is all about easing into it.

I have suffered from bunions all my life. Your feet might take some time to get use to the pounding they get from running, especially if you have a bunion. You might want to go to a running store and check to see if you need a size up in your shoe - or, do what I do, and get a man's running shoes, as they are naturally made for broader feet.


Well done. I always feel more energetic in my last run of the session too. I put it down to adrenaline and the excitement of actually doing it!


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