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Motivation lacking ...... still stuck on W3

Good morning everyone! I am sat here in my gym clothes for the first time in four days. I seem to start the week OK, then lose my momentum towards the end of the week, so one rest day becomes two, and before I know it - no gym, no running for four days! I do have the excuse of having to prepare for a dinner party on Sunday, it being my husband's birthday. So most of the weekend went on the preparations for that.

Anyway, a repeat of W3 beckons. More discipline and organisation is required on my part if I am to continue with this. I wonder what you guys do to ensure you get your run - is it me who is just disorganised and lacks motivation I wonder?

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Oh no – not just you! It is hard, not only physically & mentally – but as you say just to find the time & energy in a busy week. I do a couple of things – I know I’m as stubborn as a mule so when I’m taking up big challenges I try & ensure I have a partner to do it with. Then my competitive instinct kicks in and I know there is no way I’m going to give up before they do! This of course relies on having someone who has gritted determination to see a challenge through too. My hubby is my running buddy for c25k (and yes, I’m beating him!), and on the days I cant be bothered – he gets me out the door. Another thing is to keep your eyes on the prize. There will be a reason you were moved to start this, probably a big one. Keep reminding yourself of it (even if its really scary or horrible) because keeping going will be doing something to help overcome the big.

And finally – I don’t believe in setting people up for a fall, so I am realistic about some things. We have had a weekend away and a weekend of visitors whilst on the plan and I could have pretended we’d find a way to work around it and then felt like a failure when we didn’t – or I could accept that life was getting in the way and make a deal with myself that if I went out the very last day before we went away and the very first evening we were back, then it was OK that we didn’t go out on our little holiday. And as long as that’s not every time that’s OK. And even if it is – there are some folk here doing 2 runs a week because that’s all they can fit in. Not ideal – but it works for them.

So in summary, get someone else to help you, appeal to your base instincts, remember the goal and don’t beat yourself up. You can do this!


Outstanding advice!


I found that going public helped - my instinct was to keep the new running me secret because it seemed so unlikely that I would succeed. But going public meant that stopping would be more shameful, if you see what I mean. My progress is tracked on facebook! Then I found this forum and that too has helped immensely.

My second strand is to have set days to run - Mon, Wed, Fri. If that gets disrupted I make appointments with myself - couldn't run Friday, must run Sat at 4 p.m. sort of thing. I know it's daft but psychologically making appointments seems to work.


The going public is a great tactic - I also added in a charity run 13 weeks after I started the program and so there is no way I can stop now.

That said I have also had the one day rest extend into four days of rest for no real reason other than I could not face running. I now try to focus on three 5k runs a week and use facebook to put pressure on myself. On the days I am due to run I post some nonesense about getting ready and then I know if I dont post an update my friends will gently prod me along to get out there and run.

I also thing the running buddy is a great idea though know its not always practical. My partner works very different hours from me and he can only join me on a few runs, so I have a facebook buddy and we train together. Talk on the day of the run, boost each others motivation and then head off and provide updates afterwards - she is in Sweden but it makes no difference, knowing we are supporting each other is what counts.

But NEVER beat yourself up for missing a run - try to stay focussed and celebrate the runs you do. They are all an achievement.


good god mummyluvyoo!! you are not alone!!

its easy to let things carry you away from going out there, life does tend to get in the way.

but, you can do it. you have to juggle things around. you have to slot these runs in when you can. you do have to be bloody minded i think though!! you've got to be to be doing this program after what could be decades of no exercise!! why else would you put yourself through such pain?!!

well, you do it because it gets you away from everything. GET BACK OUT THERE - you, your trusty sports bra, trainers and us lot behind you!!!

gives you at least half an hour away from all the toils of home, work and everything else. And at the end of it, when you've done it, you feel so much better. So glad you did it.

i love when boudicca says she has to make an appointment with herself! that's so true! Try it. Give yourself a good talking to, tell yourself youre getting out there and make an appointment!!

Best of luck :-)ali


Agree with the previous comments :-) . Am only at wk3 but I've found that having set days to run works for me. I chose the least busy days so run tuesday, Thursdayand Saturday.Of course Saturday is full of kids sports so i get up early and off I go. I'm not a morning person so i don't try talk to kids or hubby til I'm back (by which time i am awake!).

For me,I've found that I have started to use this as my head space time, so I start to look forward to it. Thinking about other stuff also helps me run strangely enough - I suspect I forget to focus on the time/pain.

My sister has done a c25k program as part of a broader wellness thing she did when she had a health scare. I remember her telling me that she would put the headphones on and start out, knowing that even if she only walked she was doing herself good. Of course then the prompts come on and you just give it a go!

My thing that really gets me out the door, is knowing my jeans are that little bit looser now (don't go with weight,to fickle!). Best thing ever.

You can do it :-) Don't beat yourself up and think how great it is that you've stepped up to the challenge!


I have three particular times in a week when I can run - that's it! The rest of the week is accounted for with work, family, children's activities, husband out etc etc. So if I miss one, I don't have a chance to catch up. It wouldn't work for many people, I guess, but it works for me as I just don't give myself a choice. :)


Thanks for all your comments. As it turned out I didn't make it to the gym after all (long story). I am hindered by the fact that I have chosen to do it on the treadmill as I don't feel ready to run outside yet. But treadmill is boring and I have to get to the gym first. If I could just do it outside ...... I am still working on that one.


im so sorry you feel the way you do - its hard for anyone to tell you otherwise when you feel that way. i was the same.

I say was - im out there!! when i first hooked up to this site, i was so afraid of doing any exercise outside, let alone running! with all me wobbly bits jigging about and my puffy red face - no way!!

but, i grabbed it by the balls (scuse me!) and went out there. For the first time, i went out when it was just going dark - so no one could see me! and It was great!! i went out before it went dark for the first time last night and do you know, i didnt care who saw all me wobbly bits because i was too busy trying to survive!!!!

its all in our minds. i wont say its easy, because its not. it still does take courage, but you can do it and it gets easier every time. honest :-)

please give outside a go. its fantastic seeing the sunsets, feeling the wind behind you, the rain on your face cooling you down - tripping over killer kerbs (see my blog) ...... its just great getting out and being by yourself.

come on mummyluvsyoo - youve started, take the next step!

:-) ali x


I'll try! I really will. I am going to give it a go one morning before breakfast - get it done and dusted. Not many people around at that time anyway! Thanks for your post - your enthusiasm is infectious : )


Hey mummyluvsyoo! You can do it! Stay focused because if you already started something you can definitely continue!! All you need is to try! Sometimes I felt really bad because I couldn't reach the goal of that week too... But here I'm... I already finished the 9 weeks program... If I did it, you can do it! Here you have people who believes you can do it! Keep running!


Thank you and well done for completing the programme!


Definitely try running outside mummylovesyoo! It's amazing! You'll enjoy the change of scenery and you'll be so busy focusing on the podcast and noticing what's around you that you won't have time to worry about what people think!

I know it is scary, but what's the worst that could happen?! You are doing this for your health and wellbeing so do not deny yourself the joy for running outside!

You can do it and once you have gone outside once, it'll be so much easier the next time! :)

In terms of other advice, properly planning when you are going to run is key; as is having a 2nd slot incase something unavoidable comes up. Thinking about long-term goals will help running become a priority (maybe stick some motivational quotes up somewhere around the house), I always usually treat myself after too (eg nice bath, hot cuppa and reading a book) which helps me get out there. I get all my gear organised the night/morning before and warm it up on the radiator if it's cold outside. I have to say that blogging on here helps too. I usually write my blog really soon after my run when I am elated and excited, and then I either re-read the blogs (or just writing them in the first place helps me remember better) to remind myself how good running makes me feel and what a sense of achievement I get from it.

And yes, on the days when you've got a cold, or other commitments that cannot be changed, give yourself permission to postpone the run without the guilt.

You can definitely do this, you are already doing this and have done brilliantly so far; it just takes a positive attitude and willpower some days and that's when you can come online and post on here for support and advice :)


Thanks for your post. Today I did a little teeny tiny run outside, first thing this morning before it got light. It was fantastic being out. I posted a blog about it on here earlier today. I love your idea about warming the clothes on the radiator - brilliant idea!


I often find that when I do NOT want to run, and am just making up excuses, one thing to get me out or onto the treadmill is to just do a little thing, like put on my trakkies. Next thing you know I'm fully kitted out, ipod in, treadmill going and no turning back now! Routine is the key - whether it's a running schedule, or how you prepare. Just give yourself a good talking to when you want to mitch!


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